4 Surprising Benefits of Background Checks

Posted on 01.26.2016

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When it comes to background checks many employers think that the only benefit that can come from them is knowing if your new hire has committed a crime or not. But the truth is there is more information that you can garner from background checks than you might not know about. Today, we are going to take a look at several of these added checks that just might help your company.
1. Most background checks research education criminal records. When it comes to background check providers most of them offer education verification as well. This is an added function that most employers do not always untilize. This will help them determine if the potential hire has been truthful about their previous education experience.
2. Police checks save your company money. When you hire someone without a police check you really do not know who you are bringing into your company. Hiring someone and then spending the money to train them will cost your company a pretty penny. If you have to terminate them a month later because they have committed a crime while at work and you have to terminate them you are losing a big investment. In a recent poll 41% of employers put the cost of a bad hire at over $25,000.
3. Background checks can root out less truthful candidates. Believe it or not, people often lie about their previous employment experience. This can hurt your company in ways that you might not expect. What if you hire someone for a particular job that requires a very specific skill set? Then after they have started the job you realize that this person simply cannot do the job. You ask yourself what went wrong here? Then you call the person’s last job and find out they never even worked there before. All this can be costly but can be prevented by a simple employment history check.
4. Driving records can help you a lot. If your company requires employees to drive company vehicles even if it is just for one day a week, you are putting your company at risk by not conducting a driver’s record check. A bad driving record often indicates that someone is very careless with their own car. This may create pause for concern about how they are going to take care of your company’s vehicle if they can’t take care of their own car.

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