ATS Background Check Integration – What It Is and How It Works

Posted on 08.21.2019

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Triton research shows that 94% of HR personnel believe that the right applicant tracking system (ATS) can streamline their hiring process — and with it save time and money when finding the right candidates.

One way to take your ATS recruitment system a step further is by integrating your background checks directly into it. That’s where Triton comes in. Our ATS background check integration helps HR departments incorporate pre-employment screenings right into the ATS.

Why Integrate Your ATS and Background Screening Solutions?

You likely already know the benefits of having an ATS – faster processes, less risk of manual entry errors, one-click job postings to multiple boards, central repository of applications, and more.

But why integrate background checks into the fold?

Simple — by integrating your ATS and background screening solutions, you’ll combine the benefits of the ATS and the benefits of background checks into one tool.

On their own, background checks provide organizations with greater due diligence. They protect against legal requirements, such as professional licensing, and they help you make sure that you are choosing the best candidate for the job.

Integrating background checks into your ATS enables you to:

· Eliminate multiple interfaces. Access candidate information and background check results all in one place.

· Smooth out the recruitment process. This makes the application simpler and more streamlined for prospects, too.

· Measure and evaluate analytics from beginning to end. You will be able to track what amount of applications fail the background checks you require and more.

· Speed up the background check process. By integrating it, you reduce the number of steps needed.

· Find the right candidate faster than the competition.

How Triton’s ATS Integration Works

Triton works with a variety of the most successful ATS providers. When you work with Triton background checks, you receive expert ATS integration, customer service, and a cost-effective solution.

Our ATS-integrated solutions are perfect for large corporations, smaller businesses, or even individuals. Regardless of your size, we have a solution for you.

Our ATS integrated solutions are designed to work through the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding, to measuring KPIs such as attendance.

When you work with Triton’s background check integration, you can rest assured you’re receiving:

· Expertise in ATS integration.

· In-house customer service.

· Speedy background checks.

· And more.

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