Background Checks in a Gig Economy

Posted on 08.14.2019

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According to Intuit, the gig economy is expected to make up 43% of the entire workforce by 2020. Temporary and freelance roles are expanding – and so should the hiring process.

We have seen the growing popularity of ride-sharing services, meal delivery, freelancing consultants, and more.

Even when staff roles aren’t permanent or full-time, the employees you are working with represent your organization. In a gig economy, you may be hiring more people for less time, or to fill freelance roles. As alternative work arrangements grow, it’s more important than ever for employers to consider who they are hiring.

This is where pre-employment screenings come in. These are equally important to perform in a gig economy, especially when the staff members are required to use a vehicle or go to clients’ homes.

However, the challenge for HR managers is that hiring more employees takes more time and more resources. In the case of background checks, it might seem like too high of a cost to incorporate into the hiring process.

To that end, we present two options for HR managers in the gig economy:

Option 1: Conduct the background checks through an online service, like Triton Canada.

Background check providers, like Triton, know how to perform large batches of pre-employment screenings quickly and efficiently. You provide us the information and we run the check for you.

Certain checks take under 15 minutes on average to perform. Even lengthier ones can be done in one-to-two business days.

By establishing a relationship with a service provider, like Triton, your organization can easily build background checks for employment into any hiring process — including temporary staffing. This includes driver’s abstracts, police record checks, educational verification, credit checks, and more.

We have also helped organizations build custom solutions for high-volume hiring. See past case studies for examples:

Option 2: Require the employees to have a background check ready as a condition of employment.

The other option is to put the onus on the employees. Through a service like Triton, individuals can run personal police record checks and provide your organization with the result.

Our police record checks are verified through the RCMP and local police forces, so they are accurate, quick, and accessible online. Individuals can access results within the hour from the time of their application.

Which option would work best for you? It depends what you are checking. If you are looking only for police record checks, then Option 2 might be the answer – but if you require more checks, such as a driving history or credit check, then Option 1 would be for you.

In either case, your hiring process due diligence can include pre-employment screenings even as the workforce changes.

Start planning your background checks for the gig economy. Contact Triton Canada at 1-844-874-8667 or visit

*Note: our police record check services do not include Vulnerable Sector Checks. Vulnerable Sector Checks must be done through a police station.