Background Checks: Why They Are Important

Posted on 12.13.2016

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When you plan to hire someone to work for you, you do not want to take chances. Background checks can eliminate unnecessary risks, so you can choose the best person for the job.

The Importance of Criminal Checks

Regardless of the type of business you own, it is very important to know who you are hiring. A criminal background check will disclose the facts. If the prospective employee has a criminal record, you will know about it.

You need to know if the person is honest and trustworthy. Criminal checks will let you know if the person has been convicted of crimes that show he does not have these characteristics. Some of the common examples that come up in criminal checks include convictions for theft, burglary, misuse of company assets, and crimes related to alcohol abuse and drugs. You will also learn if he has been convicted of sex offenses, abusing children, or abusing elderly persons.

The Importance of Employment Checks

Employment checks will let you know about the person's employment history. You will learn if he has been fired from a job, or if other disciplinary action was taken against him in a previous job.

Employment checks will also let you know if the prospective employee has been truthful on his job application, resume, and in the interview. This includes where he has worked in the past, how long he was employed at each company, and whether he is fully qualified for the job you are offering.

The Importance of Credit Checks

As an employer, you want to know the person you hire is responsible. Although many individuals do not have perfect credit records, and this does not necessarily mean he is not qualified for the job, there are some credit issues that you may want to investigate.

Some examples include an extremely poor credit score, a history of bankruptcies, and a history of evictions. If you find one of these issues during a background check, it is a good idea to investigate the reasons. His credit issues could be as simple as a divorce or serious illness in his family, or he may be irresponsible with his finances.

The Importance of Performing Thorough Background Checks

Most individuals present themselves as qualified and responsible when they apply for jobs. While most job-seekers are honest, a background check can eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong person.

You can have confidence that your new employee is qualified, and has a good work history. You can be confident that he will come to work on time, and perform his job according to your expectations.

A background check is the key to hiring the person who is right for the job. You can have confidence in the person, and know he is an asset to your company.

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