Criminal Record Checks for Canadian Real Estate Agents

Posted on 07.22.2020

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If you want to be a Canadian real estate agent, there is a critical part of the process that can’t be ignored: licensing.

Canadian real estate agents are required to obtain a professional license. The exact requirements for obtaining a license vary from province-to-province and are set by provincial regulators. For instance, in Ontario the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) is responsible for real estate agent or broker licensing, while in B.C. the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) is responsible.

Generally, those seeking to become licensed real estate agents will need to meet a minimum educational level and undergo supervised practice training. However, there is another component to the process: the criminal record check.

In Ontario, as outlined on the RECO website, the following people may need to submit a Canadian Criminal Record & Judicial Matters Check.

· New salesperson or broker applicants.

· Applicants who have pending charges and/or criminal record history.

· Salespersons or brokers whose registration has been terminated for excess of 60 days and wish to be reinstated.

· Registrants undergoing a category change from salesperson to broker.

· Newly appointed officers, directors, and individuals holding 10% or more shares.

· Newly appointed brokers of record and branch managers.

Verify the exact requirements with your local regulator and proceed as necessary.

Accessing Criminal Record Checks Online

Accessing a Canadian Criminal Record & Judicial Matters Check online is easy to do with Triton Canada.

Step 1: visit and click “Get Started.” This will take you to the online form.

Step 2: fill in the required information, including:

· Your full name

· Email address

· Place of birth

· Last name at birth

· Maiden name or alias

· Telephone number

· Birth date

· Gender

· Addresses from the past five years

Step 3: After filling out all required information, enter your payment information. Triton accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Step 4: Wait for your results! They will be emailed to you within 15 minutes in a printable form that you can give to your provincial real estate regulator.

By accessing this check online, it’s much faster and more convenient than going to your local police station and it uses the same information so you can trust the accuracy.

You’ll be one step closer to receiving your Canadian real estate license!

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