Driver’s Abstracts – Hiring for Winter Driving

Posted on 11.27.2019

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When the first snow falls, Canada’s roads can become a lot more dangerous – which is why if you hire drivers or offer use of company vehicles, you should be screening for driver’s abstracts.

While driving record checks are important all year long, winter driving can present particular challenges. In April of 2019, the City of Calgary had 127 crashes in 24 hours after a heavy snowstorm.

CBC News reported that single- and multi-vehicle crashes are more common in the winter, and many people often overestimate their ability to drive on icy roads and in bad weather.

Slippery roads, ice and snowstorms, and winter driving conditions could all affect your company if drivers are required to be out on the road. That is where a driver’s abstract comes in.

A driver’s abstract functions as a driving record check. If your organization employs drivers, or has company vehicles, a proper search helps ensure that you are hiring responsible drivers.

Results can reveal a potential employee’s:

  • History of impaired driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Driver’s license details;
  • Active suspensions;
  • Status of license;
  • Fines,
  • And more.

Running driver’s abstracts can be a tedious and costly exercise – but it doesn’t have to be!

Triton Canada’s driver’s abstract brings you a driving record check quickly and affordably. It’s secure and reliable, allowing you to hire better-qualified winter and year-round drivers, and reduce organizational turnover.

This is also critical if you have a position that requires a specific type of license. A driver’s abstract can verify that the potential employee truly does have this designation.

For best results, you can also pair a driver’s abstract with other pre-employment background checks, including an employment history verification, criminal background check, and more.

Past behaviours can be an indicator of future ones. Mitigate risk by knowing a candidate’s driving record so you can proceed with a smoothly running fleet.

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