Driving Record Checks and Verifying Professional Licences

Posted on 02.18.2015

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Driving Abstracts – Driving abstracts are detailed reports that provide a record of a specific driver’s name, height, birthday, gender, licence number and class, expiration date, any conditional restrictions, and other related status information on their driving record. These abstracts also include Highway Traffic Act and Criminal Code of Canada convictions and dates of these convictions, suspensions and reinstatements that exist within the last 3 years, demerit point values, and medical due dates for commercial drivers.

Depending on the province, a release form may be required. Though you can request these records on your own or on behalf of your company, it is sometimes a time-saver to just have a company that performs there services do these driving records checks on your behalf. It also saves money, because depending on the province, you are often charged between $25 and $35 to get these types of records. Further, it is necessary to not only have the person’s name and province of residence, but you need their driver’s licence number.

Professional Licences & Certifications – Though it’s relatively easy to gain access to verifying processional licenses and certifications, it can be a bit tedious and time-consuming to individuals and businesses. You may want to outsource searches for these licences and certifications to a competent company to save time. To illustrate some examples of just how many organizations you may have to search for records, I have listed the more vital ones in Canada below. These organizations are often province specific and may even be specific to city or town.

• Association of Translators and Interpreters
• College of Physicians and Surgeons
• College of Psychologists
• College of Social Workers
• College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists
• Society of Translators and Interpreters
• Law Society of the Northwest Territories
• Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society
• Association of Professional Geoscientists of Nova Scotia
• College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario
• College of Midwives of Ontario
• Professional Foresters Association
• Registered Insurance Brokers
• Law Society of Upper Canada
• The Québec Bar
• Chiropractors of Quebec
• Order of Geologists
• The Quebec Order of Audioprosthetists
• Funeral and Cremation Services Council

With this much information to research, it’s so much easier to leave record seeking to experienced professionals, but having access to these databases at your fingertips via the internet can really be helpful in getting you started on your way. You can access instant records and utilize your own resources with a combination of assistance from outsourced public records seekers that require a small fee for their services. You will save great amounts of time and money in doing this.