Five Major Benefits of Criminal Background Checks In the Workplace

Posted on 02.10.2016

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Background checks are often conducted before hiring a new person. But many companies and businesses allow potential problem employees to fall through the cracks because they simply don’t want to pay for the cost of criminal checks. What these organizations fail to realize is the benefits of running these checks. Today, we are going to take the time to learn just how effective police checks can be and just how vital they are to anyone conducting business.

Five Benefits of Criminal Checks in the Workplace

  1. For education verification- Running background checks is a great way to prove that someone is actually telling the truth about their education. While most people are honest about their credentials some like to embellish their level of education to make them look better on paper. Quick and simple criminal checks can help rule out any of those people who are simply not telling the truth.
  2. They help reduce workplace violence- When someone has a violent past they are more likely to have a violent future. Police checks can help reduce the chance of hiring someone with a violent past which will make your workplace safer for everyone.
  3. Background checks help improve the hiring pool- Criminal checks actually help improve the quality of your applicants by weeding out those who have had a less than stellar background. When someone applies for a job and they know they have to pass a background check they realize that their past will be brought up in full.
  4. They help reduce your risks- If your company handles sensitive materials or you work with the elderly or children, background checks are highly important. When you hire someone who has an error free past then you are greatly reducing the risk of an incident.
  5. It helps reduce turnover rates- Hiring someone and then spending the time and money to train them is a big expense. When companies fail to run police checks, they also run the risk of hiring someone they will have to let go shortly in the future.
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