Hiring Gone Digital – Online Tools for Human Resources Professionals

Posted on 09.21.2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic created a scenario that we didn’t even know could exist.

With physical distancing rules in place and remote work becoming a norm, the hiring process needs to evolve too.

The good thing is – there are a number of great online digital tools that have been designed to help you make better hires in a shorter span of time.

In this blog, we pick five tools that are worth considering!

I. Textio

When you’re recruiting for your organization, you’re effectively marketing the company to potential employees too. How you talk to them can leave a lasting impression. In fact, the kind of talent you attract depends on the communication you put out there.

Textio can help with that. It can help simplify business jargon, suggest appropriate key phrases, and reveal the gender-coded language that you need to consider.

The solution is unique because it creates smart content by utilizing your company’s own language stack. So, anyone on your team can write new job ads from scratch within just a matter of minutes.

II. Breezy HR

You also need an end-to-end recruiting software that can simplify the hiring process. Today, there are solutions, in the market, that can help you do literally everything – from sourcing and managing candidate applications to reporting and analysis.

One such tool is Breezy HR.

It enables you to receive actionable insights into different facets of your recruiting process so that you can make quicker, more informed hiring decisions. It also provides you a snapshot of your candidate pipeline with its visual interface and advertises jobs across 50+ job boards within minutes.

III. Greenhouse

As the market conditions are evolving constantly, it is always useful to have a technology solution on hand that can help you scale your team quickly and make data-driven decisions that reduce the possibility of unconscious bias.

Greenhouse can help by enabling you to classify and nurture talent in your CRM talent database and track candidate relationships over time. It also helps with collaboration between the hiring teams directly in your ATS and provides 30+ reports that can easily be shared internally.

IV. Spark Hire

Physical distancing really affects the recruitment process, doesn’t it?

Sometimes, phone interviews just don’t cut it – you’re not able to gauge reactions as accurately and don’t get to see the individual’s facial expressions.

This is where video interviews come in.

Spark Hire offers a solution that enables candidates to answer your questions on their own time and provides you an opportunity to view the completed video interviews at your convenience. This way, you can hear from more candidates, easily compare their skills and qualifications, and share the videos with the hiring managers.

V. Triton

Effective pre-employment screening can help you develop a more trusted company culture and reduce the risk associated with making a bad hire.

Triton offers an online background check solution that makes the screening process simpler while ensuring security and cost-effectiveness. Triton solutions can also be integrated into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for added efficiency.

Our background checks are comprehensive and fast. An added benefit – you always have access to a customer support team.

Adapt to the future of work with these tools. To learn about our comprehensive background checks, ATS integration, and more, call us on 1-844-874-8667 or visit www.tritoncanada.ca.