How to Get a Last-Minute Police Background Check in a Flash

Posted on 03.11.2020

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Sometimes you know in advance that you will need a police background check… But other times you don’t realize it’s needed until the last minute.

That’s what happened to a young woman who recently used our services. She was accepted into a popular summer cultural exchange program — only to find out that she needed to get a criminal background check in one week to take part.

When she went to her local police station, she was told that it would take up to six weeks to get a police record check… which was far too long.

Instead, the woman turned to Triton Canada.

“She filled in the form and had the result within five minutes,” wrote the woman’s mother in a recent email to us.

She sent the results off to the program in less than an hour — instead of six weeks!

This is a common scenario we hear about often. It can take a long time to get a criminal background check completed at your local police station… And when time is of the essence, many aren’t able to wait for the results.

When you need faster results, there’s a simple solution: an online background check from Triton Canada.

We partner with the RCMP and local police stations, so you are receiving certified police record check results, but in far less time — under an hour, and typically sooner (such as within five minutes!).

And you can complete it all online, so you don’t even need to travel to the station.

This has helped many people complete last-minute background checks and it can help you too.

Our criminal background checks are:

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*Note: our police record check services do not include Vulnerable Sector Checks. Vulnerable Sector Checks must be done through a police station.