What’s in Your HR Toolbelt Part 1: The Importance of Pre-and-Post Employment Screenings [Three-Part Series]

Posted on 04.10.2019

Image for What’s in Your HR Toolbelt Part 1: The Importance of Pre-and-Post Employment Screenings [Three-Part Series]

Pre-employment screenings are an essential part of the recruiting process for many human resources departments.

You want to hire the most suitable candidate the first time, and a background check process can help with that. In this three-part series, we’re breaking down how to expand your HR toolbelt to make the most of your available solutions from Triton Canada.

Did you know that 69% of companies were adversely affected by a bad hire in the past year? 41% of those companies put the cost of a bad hire at more than $25,000, and 24% put it at $50,000.

And that’s just in monetary value. The damage that a bad hire can do to your client relationships, reputation, and company morale can be far harder to gauge.

Studies have shown that more than 80% of employee decisions to quit their jobs have been directly caused by other employees. And a Robert Half survey cited by Entrepreneur Magazine reported that company executives found that bad hires negatively impacted workplace morale up to 95% of the time.

Pre-employment screenings can help catch a bad hire before any damage is done. However, they’re not the only tool available to HR teams.

Post-employment screenings are becoming increasingly popular. A 2002 survey from KPMG found that in 21% of all cases where existing employees were involved in fraud, their lifestyles had changed to a point where it was noticeable, but signs were ignored.

An employee may start out with a clean criminal record check, credit check, and more, but what if that changes while they are employed? A post-employment screening can help catch problems before they escalate.

In Part Two of our series we’ll go into detail about what tools are available for HR departments to conduct in-depth pre- and post-employment screenings.

Whether you’re looking for a criminal background check, credit check, education verification, reference check or an employment history verification, Triton has simple and secure pre- and post-employment solutions for you.

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