Human Resources Case Studies: Why Businesses Choose Triton Canada First for Background Check Services

Posted on 05.01.2019

Image for Human Resources Case Studies: Why Businesses Choose Triton Canada First for Background Check Services

Triton’s background check solutions have helped many businesses improve their employee recruitment process and company culture.

But don’t just take our word from it. These human resources case studies show how other companies have benefited from incorporating Triton background checks into their organization.

  • Company A – Government Organization
  • Company B – Staffing Agency
  • Company C – Utilities Operator


Company A, a government organization, hires more than 16,000 employees and contractors a year. And all of these recruits need a security clearance that requires a criminal background check.

Up until 2013 the process was based on paper and relied on police department resources. Criminal checks could take weeks to complete, delaying projects and creating serious inefficiencies in the hiring process.

Company A needed to find a vendor that could deliver on speed and requirements.


A detailed RFP process was engaged upon and Triton was chosen as the Vendor of Record for a five-year contract, replacing the local police department.


Company A now has a modern online, customized platform that allows for multiple functionality and has reduced clearance times from weeks to days. This has the effect of allowing government work to be completed in a timelier manner.


Company B, a staffing agency, has many employees both corporate and onsite across the country. They needed a background check provider that could handle the volume and get through the work in a timely manner.

Company B had a few complications, including not only a complex network of offices and employees, but also several different background check vendors across the country, leading to a price structure that was not consistent.

Company B also prides itself on technology and needed a more modern, flexible solution that could be deployed nationally.


After building a relationship through the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (Acsess) with Company B, their management decided to test Triton and within several months turned the entire national background check program over to Triton.


After spending years waiting days for results Company B is now receiving criminal background check results in 15 minutes on average!


With some 1,440 employees, Company C needed an economical, accurate, and speedy pre-employment screening solution.

The previous vendor, the largest in Canada, was taking days to turn around criminal background checks and in the meantime Company C was losing qualified candidates because of these delays.

Finding qualified people can be an issue and a delay in the hiring process can produce both discourse and inefficiency in operations.


After an extensive RFP process Triton was chosen as the new vendor for Company C’s criminal background checks, credit checks, education verification, and reference checks moving from a paper process to an electronic/digital process.


After several months, Company C reported an increase in productivity of 85% and was receiving criminal background check results in 15 minutes on average!

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