What’s in Your HR Toolbelt Part 3: Standardizing Background Screenings

Posted on 04.24.2019

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In Part One of our three-part human resources management series, we explored why pre- and post-employment screenings are so important. In Part Two, we looked at the screening solutions available for HR departments.

In Part Three, we identify ways to build employee screenings into your human resources department and save time and money in the process.

As we’ve touched on in our previous blogs for human resources professionals, pre- and post-employment screenings can help an organization find the most suitable candidates when recruiting and make sure the team stays strong as the company grows.

But if you’re not already using these screenings, there may be a transition period to start putting them into practice. These tips can help navigate that shift.

1. Make It a Policy

If it’s not already in your human resources policies, consider adding a stipulation about screenings. If it’s a routine policy to pre-screen all candidates using the same criteria, then this becomes part of the recruitment process.

If it is a routine policy to periodically screen all current employees (or employees in a certain department or role – like those using company vehicles) then this becomes a process and is not a surprise to any employee or singling out any one staff member.

2. Plan for Results

In the same way that you might create a policy around conducting the screenings, you might also have a policy about what happens if your screening turns up something.

Will results be evaluated on a case-by-case basis or is there a standardized action that will be taken?

3. Consider Transparency

It can be a good idea to let candidates and/or employees know that you will be screening. Communicate that it is not about distrust, but rather about risk management.

If you are standardizing screenings among current employees, offer them the chance to ask questions and clearly outline the benefits and reason for the decision.

4. Automate the Screenings

By working with an online background check service, like Triton, it is easy to co-ordinate employment screenings when you need them. They can also be integrated into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for added efficiency.

Results are quick, affordable, and in-depth. We ensure your candidates have the experience, credentials, and moral character they say they do.

Standardizing employment screenings can help create a more trusting company culture and mitigate the risk of making a bad hire or catching problems with current employees before they escalate.

Triton’s solutions make conducting pre- and post-employment screenings easier and more affordable than ever. Get started today.

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