6 Ways to Incorporate Background Checks into Your Hiring Process

Posted on 07.10.2019

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Background checks help build a more robust hiring process, but they can often present challenges for HR managers.

In some instances, a hiring panel may believe they’ve found the perfect candidate and that it’s all right to skip the background check. In others, it may seem too awkward to bring up a background check – particularly if you are interviewing internal candidates. And in some cases, HR departments may simply find the background check process too lengthy — particularly if you perform a check early in the process when there are many candidates in the running.

We have solutions for all these common hiring process dilemmas and more. Read on for best practices…

  • Don’t skip the background check – ever.
  • Standardize background checks across the hiring process.
  • Decide which checks you will ask for.
  • Choose which stage you will ask for background checks during.
  • State that the position is subject to a background check in the job posting.
  • Use background check service providers to make the process faster.

This is simply a good policy to have. No matter how wonderful a candidate appears on paper and how charming they are during the interview process, a background check is still in your best interest — and their own.

It’s important to verify that the candidate is being truthful about their credentials. And in cases where those credentials are required to complete the job (for example, a clean driving abstract or a certain professional license) you’re only protecting yourself by making sure their word is true.

One way to normalize asking for background checks in your hiring process is to do so across the board. When you make it a policy that candidates are subject to a background check when they reach a certain stage of the process, it becomes a standard – meaning no one employee will feel singled out.

If you are determining background checks on a position-by-position basis, it can also be useful to determine what checks are necessary for that opening.

For instance, at Triton Canada we provide criminal background checks, driver’s abstracts, educational history verifications, employment history verifications, and more. Certain positions may require different checks than others. An accountant may not require a clean driver’s abstract, but a credit check verification and education verification would likely be needed.

The stage of the hiring process in which you ask for the background check is also important. If you require one upfront, you will have to verify the background of dozens – or even hundreds – of candidates.

A better approach can be to wait until further in the process. For instance, if you know whom you want to hire you can make the job offer contingent on passing a background check.

You can set the expectation that a background check will be required from the very beginning by including it on the job posting, along with the skills and requirements you are looking for in a candidate.

Ease the hiring process significantly by working with a background check service provider, like Triton Canada. This enables you to run large batches of background checks or receive results faster. Our employment verification and education verification checks take an average of one-to-two business days, and criminal history checks and credit checks are even quicker.

With a partner like Triton Canada, the background check process is simple to incorporate into your hiring process.

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