It’s Not Too Late to Get a Criminal Background Check for Coaching Winter Sports!

Posted on 10.09.2019

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While it may still be fall yet, winter is on its way — and with it, winter sports!

Already winter sports leagues across Canada are filling up with kids eager to play hockey, start figure skating, hit the ski slopes, pick up a curling broom, and more.

And the leagues are also filling up with parents, volunteers, and coaches ready to assist them.

If you’ve been wanting to volunteer or coach for a Canadian winter sports association, there could still be time. But you may need to act fast as spots fill up quickly. That’s where Triton comes in…

Many sports associations — summer and winter — require volunteers and coaches to complete criminal background checks before applying for hockey coaching jobs, volunteering as a ski coach, or joining another winter sports league in a similar way.

In order to be considered for the role, you need to have your background check completed. And with the deadline looming, time is of the essence.

For many sports associations, the onus is on the parent, coach, or volunteer to provide their criminal background check. In the past, this meant:

Travelling to your local police station during business hours (so you might need to take time off work or rush your lunch hour).

Filling out paperwork at the station.

Waiting anywhere from two to 10 business days (or longer!) to get your results.

Having to go back to the police station to pick up the results.

Delivering the results to the sports association.

If the request was timely, there was no guarantee you could get your police record check on time, meaning you could potentially miss out on a great opportunity.

Luckily, the process is a lot different today — for the better!

With a criminal record check from Triton, you can receive results within the hour from the comfort of your own computer.

All you have to do is go to, fill out your information, pay for your background check, and within a few minutes you’ll have your results — and the results will be exactly the same as you would get from the police station.

Save yourself time and worry, and don’t miss critical deadlines for winter sports league coaching with a Triton Canada online background check.

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*Note: our police record check services do not include Vulnerable Sector Checks. Vulnerable Sector Checks must be done through a police station.