Job Seekers: Types of Background Checks and How You Can Be Prepared

Posted on 09.09.2020

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Companies have to be diligent to ensure that they hire an individual who is the right fit for their organization, particularly during uncertain times.

So, if you’re applying for jobs, it is helpful to understand what you can expect during the recruitment process.

For instance, if you’re shortlisted for a job, depending on the nature of the job and the industry, you may be required to undergo pre-employment screening.

These are some of the background checks that job seekers can expect to undergo:

Employment History Verification

Before offering you a role, many organizations would conduct employment verification checks. This is basically done to ensure that the information you have provided including the dates of former employment, positions held, reasons for departure, and roles and responsibilities is accurate.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check is done to ensure that an individual doesn’t have any serious criminal offences on their record. Many organizations, particularly those that operate in the financial, healthcare, and security industries, conduct these checks.

Education History Verification

For many roles, having a specific degree or a professional licence or credential is required. In fact, at times it is also a legal requirement. In these cases, companies conduct an education history verification to ascertain that your degrees and certifications are valid.

Credit Check Verification

While this may not commonly be done for all candidates, a credit check verification is in order if the potential employee will be required to handle cash, assets, or secure financial information. A credit check can confirm if there are any red flags that require further investigation.

Reference Check Verification

Many organizations do reference checks towards the final hiring stages to gauge if you have the right attitude and you’re a good fit for the company. Reference checks help the hiring manager gain personality insights that are beyond your education and professional qualifications.

Driver’s Abstracts

This is required if you are applying for a job that requires you to drive a company vehicle. The document confirms licence status, class, expiration date, traffic violations, arrests, convictions, suspensions, and/or cancellations.

These are some of the background checks that you can expect.

To ensure that there are no surprises for you and the organization you’re applying to, it’s always important to ensure that you communicate all the information accurately during the recruitment process.

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