Myths about Background Checks

Posted on 07.05.2016

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Background checks help businesses hire high-quality and trustworthy employees. You can learn a lot about your potential new hires through a thorough screening process, but there are a few misconceptions we should probably clear up before you get started.

Myth 1: Background checks are too expensive for a small business owner.

A bad hire can end up costing your company much more than the relatively small price of a background check. A Fast Company report, out of 6,000 hiring professionals surveyed worldwide, 25 per cent said that a bad hire had cost them at least $50,000.

Myth 2: Background checks and reference checks are basically the same, right?

Nope! Employers use reference checks to get a better sense of a candidate’s previous work experience. Background checks, on the other hand, dig deeper. They let you peak into a candidate’s past and help you determine how a potential new hire might operate as an individual and as part of a team within your company.

Myth 3: There's only one type of screening: A criminal background check.

This is completely false. Background check providers, such as Triton, can look into driving records, credit records, court records and education records to name just a few areas. By working with a reputable organization, you can glean all sorts of insight about candidates throughout your hiring process.

Myth 4: Background checks are relevant only to companies in the financial services industries.

Wrong again! Fraud is not exclusive to this industry. All companies have assets, customer lists, customer information, intellectual property and equipment. If an employee compromised or sold any of this data, it could cost you big time.  

Myth 5: Basically all background checks lead to the same results.

Different candidates will all have different results. And even if the results are relatively benign, at least you’ll be able to take comfort knowing you’re making the smartest hiring decision possible with the information at hand.

Whether you do a simple or exhaustive background check, these searches help you hire the right candidates at the right time. And regardless of your decision, companies such as Triton can deliver a complete criminal check in roughly seven minutes. This means you can always get better insight faster.   

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