For a Limited-Time: Personal Background Checks Only $45.95

Posted on 06.24.2020

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For a limited time only, get an online police check from Triton Canada for only $45.95!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for many and at Triton, we wanted to help ease the burden.

To do that, we’ve reduced the price of our online personal background checks from $59 to $45.95.

This can help save you both money and time.

During the pandemic, many police stations have been closed to the public.

Online police checks can help you get the same information you would from going to the police station, but without leaving your home.

This is especially important for:

· If you or your loved ones are immune-compromised and limiting social contact.

· You need a background check quickly (online background checks are much faster than in-person checks; at Triton, ours are completed within 15 minutes).

· You need a verified criminal background check for a new job, volunteer position, or otherwise.

Why You Might Need a Criminal Background Check

The reasons for getting a police record check can vary, but some of the most common include:

· A job you’re applying for requires you to provide one.

· You’re applying to be a youth league coach.

· You’re volunteering and need to present one.

· Some school programs require them for students.

· It’s a professional requirement for licensing – such as for real estate agents or motor vehicle dealerships.

· And more!

Our Commitment to Data

When you receive an online police check from Triton Canada, you are accessing the same information you would receive from the RCMP or your local police station.

Our data comes from the RCMP’s Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system. This is checked through the National Repository of Criminal Records and may also include searches of other national and local databases.

In short, it’s data that you can trust. You receive an official document that you can present to your employer or organization.

We also keep all information confidential and secure.

Access Your Personal Background Check Today

Don’t miss out on this offer. Access a personal background check for only $45.95 from Triton Canada without leaving the house.

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*Note: our police record check services do not include Vulnerable Sector Checks. Vulnerable Sector Checks must be done through a police station.