The Importance of Post-Employment Background Checks for Workplace Fraud Prevention

Posted on 08.28.2019

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We’ve written before about the importance of post-employment background screenings, but a recent news story brought that significance even more to light.

The Quebec Order of Nurses is looking into the case of a woman who posed as a nurse for 20 years with no official training or certification.

According to Narcity, the Canadian woman accused had been using fake documentation, including the license number of a real Canadian nurse from the region, who had the same name.

The fake nurse worked in numerous departments in the hospital, including surgery. So far, the region’s health authority is still investigating whether there were any issues, accidents, or mistreatment that resulted from the deception.

The woman was caught after a staff member of the region’s health board caught an irregularity with the nursing license number and launched an investigation.

Understandably, many people across Canada have been shocked by this case — and, in particular, the length of time the woman got away with her deception: 20 years. This is where the importance of pre- and post-employment screenings comes in.

Pre-employment screenings can help catch deceptive candidates before they are even hired by verifying their educational history (including professional licensing), employment history, reference checks, and more.

However, post-employment checks are also useful, either for fraudulent employees who slip past the recruitment process with a clean check or avoid the hiring process all together by impersonating another employee, as this woman did.

Post-employment checks are also useful when ongoing licensing is required. If employees need to re-take professional certifications on an annual basis, for example, verifying after the fact to make sure they have actually completed the requirements is good due diligence.

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