Pre-Employment Screening

Posted on 02.04.2015

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Pre-employment screening is a smart idea for employers and can include a basic background check, criminal history screening, drug testing, worker’s compensation claims history, credit history, a sex offender registry screening, motor vehicle records screening, current and past employment and reference verification, and education verification. Different types of screenings are allows and disallowed by law in certain areas so it’s a good idea to hire a check company who knows what and how to check, depending on how thorough you wish for your screening to be.

You may wish to verify some of the easier parts of a potential employee’s information yourself to save money, but vital areas that should not be left to chance are criminal history, drug tests, motor vehicle records screening, and past employment and educational verification. Credit history and basic background checks are easy to perform. Simply include a credit history check authorization with your employment application to be filled out by a potential employee.

In the US sex offender records are easily obtained online via various local and federal databases maintained by local and state police departments. Check a prospective employee’s current and past addresses and run those addresses and their name against a search in pertinent databases. You may not want to leave this to chance if you are an employer who cares for children or has children living or being educated on your premises. It’s better to be safe than sorry so if you can’t find the information for which you are looking, hire a professional that provides customizable packages that allow you to pick and choose what information you need verified according to price.

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