Retail Hiring Blitz During COVID-19

Posted on 05.20.2020

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While the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected many jobs, it has also created some.

In Canada, several retailers have expanded their hiring to accommodate increased demand and delivery orders.

For instance, Canadian HR Reporter reported that Walmart Canada hired 10,000 new workers as its stores stayed open amid the pandemic.

They are not the only company that did this.

Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart launched a new website to hire temporary staff.

CTV News reported that other businesses, including Sobeys, Dollarama, Domino’s Pizza, and Goodfood were also seeing an uptick in business and looking to hire. In addition, some of these jobs are offering higher wages and more benefits due to the pandemic — so for people looking for work, it could offer opportunity.

Putting Your Best Application Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic is already stressful enough without having to think about writing a cover letter and resumé — especially if this is the first job application you have written in a while.

However, it can be made less stressful by focusing on the basics:

  • Why do you want this job specifically?
  • How does your past experience relate to the role you’re applying for?
  • Contact your references
  • Be prepared for a background check

While the answer may be “to make money,” think beyond that. What other benefits could you see to working for this employer? Perhaps it is the chance to help other people through a stressful time or to give back to your community. Maybe this could be an opportunity to explore another industry or gain new skills for when the pandemic subsides.

If you can think beyond the immediate need for employment, it can help increase your chances of success.

If it’s been years since you worked in retail, you might be worried about your lack of experience. However, make the most of your transferrable skills.

For instance, if you worked in a sales role, you likely have experience networking and talking to people – making them feel comfortable or at ease.

If you’ve worked as a cook, you may have insider knowledge about the longest-lasting produce or ways to make food stretch on a budget.

Think beyond your job-specific experience and look at how your skills could be applied to a different role — and then showcase that on your resumé.

Most jobs require references, either at the application stage or when close to making an offer. Set yourself up for success by contacting potential references early to let them know you are searching.

A reference does not have to be a direct manager or boss, if you are worried about confidentiality. It could be a co-worker you worked closely with, an old mentor, or a manager from a previous job or volunteer position.

In general, the more closely you worked together, the better as you want people who truly know what it is like to work with you.

Some jobs ask for a criminal reference check upon the condition of the offer. If you need to provide one, there is a fast, easy, and socially distanced way to do so — with an online record check.

With Triton Canada, for instance, you can access criminal background checks 100% online and have your results within one hour (and often sooner). This means NO going to the police station and NO need for physical contact.

You also will not have to wait for your results, so you can get to work as soon as possible.

While re-entering the job market is a difficult task, especially during a pandemic, the right mindset and tools can make it easier.

At Triton Canada, we are here to make the pre-employment screening process as simple as possible. We have reduced the price of our online background checks during the COVID-19 pandemic from $59 to $39.95.

Learn more about our online background checks:

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