Screening Seasonal Retail Staff for Holiday Loss Prevention

Posted on 09.11.2019

Image for Screening Seasonal Retail Staff for Holiday Loss Prevention

While it may only be September, the holiday season will be on us before we know it, and Canadian retailers will be gearing up for seasonal retail staff hiring.

Between Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday, and the holidays, retailers often need to increase their workforce over the season. This means more hiring, more staff members, and more potential for employee theft.

According to The Volumatic Kount U.S. Retail Fraud Survey, conducted in 2013, employee theft is higher in the months of November and December. This can include internal cash theft, stealing merchandise, allowing family and friends to steal, and more.

CBC also reported in 2018 that retail theft rings are more active as the holiday season approaches.

Loss prevention is key at this time of the year. Retailers can minimize the potential for employee theft by using hiring best practices in their seasonal recruitment – including background checks.

Pre-employment screenings can help make sure that the seasonal retail staff you are hiring are the best for the job.

You might look at:

  • Credit check verification to see if the candidate is under financial stress. A Triton credit check provides details on bankruptcies, collections, liens and credit rating. It can also confirm your candidate’s full name, Social Insurance Number (SIN), address and date of birth.
  • Employment history verification. Check the dates of employment, verify resumé claims, ascertain reasons for dismissal, and check if the candidate has a history of workplace theft.
  • Reference checks. Go beyond the usual reference check questions to make sure that the seasonal employee is a good fit for your company culture. Triton formulates specific questions for the position you are hiring for.

These background checks and more can help ensure that the seasonal retail staff you are hiring are trustworthy and able to perform the job, which will also help with holiday loss prevention.

Triton Canada’s background checks help with retail loss prevention over the holidays and beyond. Learn more about our services by calling 1-844-874-8667 or visit