What’s in Your HR Toolbelt Part 2: Choosing Your Screening Solutions

Posted on 04.17.2019

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In Part One of our three-part human resources management series, we explored why pre- and post-employment screenings are so important.

In Part Two, we look at the screening solutions available for HR departments.

Many HR departments conduct criminal background screenings during the recruitment process – but that’s far from the only solution available in your HR toolbelt.

These lesser-known solutions can help create a well-rounded screening policy that saves time, saves money, and creates a stronger company.

  • Employment History Verifications
  • Education History Verifications
  • Reference Check Verifications
  • Driver’s Abstracts
  • Credit Check Verifications
  • Criminal Background Checks

Best for: pre-employment screening

Make sure that what is stated on an applicant’s resumé or LinkedIn profile is true. Employment verification checks prove dates of former employment, positions held, and reasons for departure.

Triton Canada confirms this information by speaking with a manager, payroll, or human resources personnel.

Beyond proving the veracity of your applicant, this can also give you employment profiles on items such as the candidate’s duties, salary, performance, and more.

Best for: pre-employment screening, or post-employment if new education has been acquired or licenses must be renewed.

Before hiring, an education history check can verify a candidate’s high school, undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degrees. It can also check for necessary professional licenses — particularly important for instances where a license is required by law.

However, education history verifications have a role in the post-employment process, too.

Consider if:

  • An employee obtains a graduate degree and asks for a raise because of it.
  • A professional license is legally required to be renewed.
  • Your company offers professional development benefits and is paying for the education on the employee’s behalf.

In any of these cases, and more, your company might need to verify the employee in question is being accurate in their statements.

Best for: pre-employment screenings

Checking references is an important part of the recruitment process but it can often be rushed, or even brushed aside if the candidate seems to be the perfect fit on paper.

Even if reference checks are a regular part of your hiring strategy, it’s surprisingly easy for fraud to fall through the cracks. Up to 30% of resumés contain exaggerated or inaccurate information. And you’ve likely heard stories of a bad hire asking a friend to pretend to be their former employer.

Reference checks also do more than just measure and report on a person's technical skills; they also give you valuable insight into whether or not a candidate will fit into your corporate culture. Triton referees are trained to ask open-ended and probing questions, listen for pregnant pauses, and record detailed answers to give you a solid understanding of whom you are hiring.

Best for: pre- and post-employment screenings

For organizations who employ drivers or have company vehicles, a driver’s abstract is a must. A history of impaired driving, speeding, reckless driving, driver’s license details, active suspensions, status of license and fines are all crucial to know before hiring.

Driver’s abstracts are also good to conduct periodically even after an employee has been hired on.

While abstracts have historically been tedious and costly to obtain, Triton’s process makes it easier than ever. Access information quickly and affordably, allowing you to hire better-qualified staff and reduce organizational turnover.

Best for: pre-employment screenings

A credit inquiry is particularly important if your candidate is required to handle cash, credit, or other sensitive information.

A proper credit check will allow you to assess the candidate’s financial status and lower the risks involved in hiring someone who is under financial stress. A Triton credit check provides details on bankruptcies, collections, liens, and credit rating. It can also confirm your candidate’s full name, Social Insurance Number (SIN), address, and date of birth.

Best for: post-employment screenings

A comprehensive criminal background check can determine if a new candidate has a criminal conviction in this past. When hiring new employees, it’s important that you know what type of moral character they have, otherwise you can leave your company and employees open to harassment, theft, assaults, drugs and fraud.

As we mentioned earlier, many organizations are already screening applicants for criminal background checks. However, an employee can incur a criminal conviction while under your tenure and not report it. Periodic checks can ensure that you remain aware of who is working for you.

Triton’s solutions make conducting pre- and post-employment screenings easier and more affordable than ever. Get started today.

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Stay tuned for Part 3 of our human resources management series about how to make screening part of your company culture.