Streamline the Construction Recruitment Process

Posted on 08.10.2020

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If you work in construction recruitment, you know how quickly hiring decisions must be made. Whether you are looking for a permanent addition to the team, or temporary help to complete a contract faster, the result is the same — you need to bring that person onboard sooner rather than later.

However, even when you need to hire quickly, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. Finding strong hires and verifying their qualifications in the pre-employment process can do a lot for your construction business, including:

· Get work done faster – if you’re hiring an experienced concrete former, for instance, the work will get done quicker than by somebody inexperienced.

· Mitigate fraud risk and spot fraud flags. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Report to the Nations 2020, the construction industry accounted for 80 of their studied cases with a median loss of $200,000.

· Ensure a “right fit” for your team, which could lead to long-term retention and reduce the need for future hiring.

· Limit the risk of making a bad hire, which can have far-reaching consequences.

We know why it’s important to maintain quality while hiring quickly, but what about the how? While this can be a challenge, we’ve put together tips that make it much easier to manage. Here’s our top five:

a. Determine background requirements in advance

Are you looking for someone experienced who can hit the ground running? Or do you have the space and bandwidth to train someone without a construction background?

Both types of profiles can have their pros and cons for a team, but if you have an idea of what type of employee you are looking before you start the hiring process, you can specify any requirements in the job description.

Similarly, you need to know what type of skills you are looking for. Do you need management skills, customer-facing skills, technological skills, and so on? Specifying this in advance will help streamline the later steps of the process considerably.

b. Verify the candidate’s employment history and check references.

When you know what skills you are looking for in the successful candidate, you can use this later in the process to determine that your candidate actually has the background they say they do.

By including an employment history screening and reference checks in the process, you can make sure they are being honest with you and screen for any potential flags.

These steps can often be seen as time-consuming, but if you work with a pre-employment screening company (like Triton Canada) it can be completed much more quickly. For instance, at Triton we complete these checks in one-to-two business days.

c. Verify certifications

If you are hiring for a specific role, you may also need to verify professional licensing and educational credentials as well.

If you are recruiting a forklift operator in Ontario, for instance, you will likely need to verify the candidate’s driver’s abstract and forklift operator license.

The same is true for any role requiring a professional license. Even if you are hiring a project manager, for example, you may be looking for a PMP® designation. In that instance, you would want to verify the successful candidate has that license.

This is important for your safety regulations and shouldn’t be skipped, even when hiring quickly.

d. Develop an ongoing talent acquisition strategy

Another way to streamline the recruitment process is to create a talent acquisition strategy. Instead of hiring on a reactive case-by-case basis, always be looking for potential new talent and filling the pipeline well in advance.

This type of strategy can put your organization in control where you are hiring for the most qualified candidates — not out of desperation.

e. Have tools that speed up the process already set up.

When you’re hiring quickly, it’s a lot easier to do if your process is already set up — including the necessary tools.

For instance, you may not always know what types of roles you will be hiring for the next day or the next week, but you can know how you will hire for them — what recruitment sites you will use, who will be on the hiring panel, how applicants will submit resumés, and so on.

This way when you do have a position to recruit for, the focus is on finding the best candidate — not what the process looks like.

Similarly, you can have any background check processes set up and ready to go by working with a background check provider, like Triton Canada, so when you have the candidate information it’s just a matter of completing the screening — not starting from scratch.

At Triton Canada, we’ve helped many construction organizations streamline the recruitment process and we can help you, too. Learn more about our pre-employment screenings, including employment history verifications, driver’s abstracts, professional licensing checks, and much more.

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