Back to School: Triton Background Checks 101

Posted on 09.04.2019

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School’s back in session and even if you’ve been out of the educational system for decades, September is the perfect time of year for a learning refresher.

We’re embracing the spirit of the season and getting back to basics with background checks 101 — the types of background checks Triton Canada offers, how to submit a background check, and more.

Class is in session — read on.

Types of Background Checks

Triton Canada offers many types of background checks, including:

  • Criminal background checks.
  • Employment history verification.
  • Educational history verification.
  • Reference check verification.
  • Credit check verification.
  • Driver’s abstracts.

Triton has agreements with the RCMP and local police forces to provide criminal record checks quickly and easily. Access police checks in less than an hour. Available for both businesses and individuals.

Verify dates of employment, reasons for dismissal, and more with quick turnaround times.

We also highlight any discrepancies between resumés and the results of the checks. We screen for past costly past behaviours, such as theft, workplace violence, resumé fraud, computer misuse, lawsuits, workman’s compensation fraud, and sexual harassment.

Confirm candidates have the degrees they say they do, plus that they have the knowledge to do the job. Triton also verifies professional licensing requirements.

Reference checks can take up a lot of time and internal resources, but when you outsource the process it’s much faster. Plus, Triton referees are trained to ask the right questions to make sure your candidate is a good fit and qualified for the job.

Assess a candidate’s financial status and lower the risks involved in hiring someone who is under financial stress. A Triton credit check provides details on bankruptcies, collections, liens, and credit rating. It can also confirm your candidate’s full name, Social Insurance Number (SIN), address, and date of birth.

If your organization employs drivers or has company vehicles, a driver’s abstract may shed light on a potential employee’s history of impaired driving, speeding, reckless driving, driver’s license details, active suspensions, status of license, and fines.

How to Submit a Background Check

Once you know what types of background checks you are looking for, the next step is to understand the requirements for completing one.

For businesses, when you are requesting a background check to be performed on a candidate, you will need:

  • Consent forms with signatures.
  • Photocopies of identification.

For individuals, fill out the personal background check online at You will need to provide:

  • Full name
  • Place of birth
  • Maiden name or alias
  • Telephone number
  • Birth date
  • Your five-year residential address history
  • If you have ever been convicted of a criminal offence

Why Use Triton Background Checks

Why choose Triton for your background check provider?

We offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We also work with your organization to foster a long-term relationship, offer advanced technology expertise, and exceed customer expectations.

Whether you’re a national organization, a smaller firm or an individual who’s volunteering at a local charity, Triton has a solution for you.

Go beyond the background check basics by contacting Triton Canada today. Call 1-844-874-8667 or visit