Triton Canada Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Posted on 03.04.2020

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Break out the tin! Triton Canada is excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary on March 10, 2020.

Ten years ago, in 2010, Triton’s founders saw that there was a gap in the pre-employment screening industry. They were working for Fortune 500 companies, such as Walmart, Rexall, and Coca-Cola, and using other screening providers.

However, they experienced huge delays in turnaround times and poor customer services. They knew that they could start their own company and solve all these issues. Hence, Triton Canada was born!

Ten Years of Milestones

Over the past ten years, the background check industry has seen quite the evolution, mainly in technical solutions and the integration of platforms on a multitude of levels. The advancement of customized solutions for HR partners has come a long way.

Some notable milestones from Triton Canada’s ten years of business include:

  • Winning the Canadian HR Reporter Reader’s Choice Award for Best Pre-Employment Screening Agency in 2018.
  • Being selected as the Vendor of Record for the Government of Ontario.
  • Working with more than 1,700 other clients across Canada and the U.S. and being a source of trust for all pre-employment screening needs.

Reflecting on Ten Years

“This anniversary means that we have come this far by listening to the issues that our customers have and listening to what it is that they need,” said Todd Anstey, President, Triton Background Checks.

“We will never stop doing that, we will always put our customers first, especially as the industry changes, and needs change.”

Thank you to our clients, partners, and supporters for ten wonderful years. Here’s to the next ten!

Celebrate our 10th anniversary with us. Triton Canada is on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Share any memories you have or how Triton has impacted your business.

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