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Obtaining Your Criminal Background Check Just Got Easier

Criminal background check Canada: Download Triton’s new mobile app and obtain your criminal background check quickly, no matter where you are.

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There’s no cost to download the app. If you request a Criminal Background Check, there will be a cost of $55.95. The report will be sent directly to your email.

The Triton app is currently available in the Google Play Store.

The Triton app will prompt you to enter your personal information, including your legal name, contact information, birthday and place of birth. Once you’ve completed the payment, your Criminal Background Check will be sent directly to your email. You’ll also have the option to request a hard copy to be mailed to your current address.

If you don’t own a mobile device, you can still request a criminal background check online through the Triton website. To do so, click here.

The Triton app does not allow individuals to run a Criminal Background Check on anyone other than themselves. The app requires consent and your personal signature. If you’re looking to conduct Criminal Background Checks at the Small Business or Enterprise level, please contact our sales team to learn more.

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