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Message from the President 

I am proud to present Triton’s 2023-2028 Multi Year Accessibility Plan, which provides details on our commitment to creating an equitable and inclusive experience for our customers, employees and suppliers.

Triton recognizes the value and contribution of persons with disabilities within our organization. Triton’s purpose is to make Background Screening accessible to all its clients and customers by providing a service which is accessible and convenient by allowing users to obtain checks from anywhere, including the comfort of their own home. Our aim is to minimize and eliminate with a continuous improvement mindset, barriers that prevent our clients and customers from making smart, safe, and secure background screening decisions. This applies not only to our in-office environment, but also to our digital properties.

We are making improvements at Triton in how we have integrated accessibility into the fabric of our culture and technology, and I look forward to further advancements and collaboration to ensure we remain a best-in-class background screening organization.

Triton is proud of our commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, we have partnered with the Respect in the Workplace Group and are now certified, with all our employees being trained in 2022 and all new hires being trained as they onboard with Triton. We will continue to strive to be the best and most innovative online background screening company in the market today.



Simon West
President Triton Inc



Introduction and Commitment

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Triton Canada is established as the leader for pre-employment screening and background check solutions in Canada. Since the beginning, Triton has been helping medium to enterprise organizations, small firms, and individuals in various industries streamline their hiring process to make data-driven choices that foster long-lasting relationships with their most important assets – their employees. Triton provides the industry’s fastest record checks backed by best-in-class service and an intuitive platform.

As part of this commitment, Triton is dedicated to providing an accessible and inclusive experience for customers, clients, staff, and business partners when accessing Triton services on-line or in person.

This Multi Year Accessibility Plan, as mandated through the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), outlines Triton’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers for persons with disabilities and to meet its requirements under the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR).

Tritons Multi Year Accessibility Plan outlines how Triton will fulfil its commitment to accessibility under the following standards:

  • Information and Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Employment and Training

As part of Triton’s commitment to persons with disabilities and as outlined by IASR, Triton will:

  • Review and update Multi Year Accessibility Plan every 5 years.
  • Report progress on our commitments outlined in this plan on an annual basis and as needed.
  • Post this plan in a format that meets accessibility requirements and, where request, provide a version in an alternate format to accommodate.



Commitments to removing and preventing Barriers and Actions and Outcomes

Triton is always focused on ensuring that our services, information technology and offices are available in an inclusive and equitable way for customers, staff, and vendors.

Triton will build into all that we do a culture of accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. We believe that treating all people with dignity and respect helps maintain individuals’ dignity and independence.

Triton has committed itself to not only be an innovative leader in our industry but also by leading by example in meeting or exceeding legislative standards and creating best practices in our industry.

The commitments outlined below as part of Triton’s Multi Year Accessibility Plan 2023-2028 are either in-progress or will be initiated during the 5-year term, with the goal of satisfying all commitments by the end of 2028.

Customer Service:


Services are provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. 

Persons with disabilities may use assistive devices and/or support persons in the access of our services.

Triton employees have undergone AODA training and understand that when communicating with a person with a disability, will do so in a manner that considers the person’s disability and dignity.

Actions and Outcomes

All staff have are trained on AODA requirements and standards and this is tracked and recorded in their employee file., Aall new hires must complete AODA training the day of onboarding.

In 2022 we onboarded the Respect Group – weGroup. We are now Respect in the Workplace certified. wWe empower our team with the skills to prevent bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD Behaviours) 

Triton’s Accessibility policy has been created and will be reviewed annually as part of our annual review policy.

We have partnered with Udemy training for all our staff to take Online courses which feature numerous courses on Diversity, Equity, inclusion and developing diverse teams.

All comments related to our services are encouraged and appreciated. A process is well established to welcome this feedback. This feedback can be made verbally, online video chat, email, online social media or in writing

Information Technology and Communications:


Our website is currently designed to be user friendly for people with a range of needs however it is currently undergoing a revamp to ensure we stay up to date on any new compliance requirements. 

Our website has a feature that allows users to change the size of text they will see online to accommodate user preference.

Triton has ensured that or website and content on our site conforms to WCAG 2.0 Level AA and will continue to access with a continuous improvement mindset the best way we can serve our customers and clients.

Our customer portal is also being re-developed which started in 2023 and will be completed in 2024 to ensure that we are accessible to a diverse audience, including people with disabilities.

Actions and Outcomes

Our new client portal started re-development in 2023 and accessibility has been one of the driving forces from the beginning, it will incorporate features such as keyboard navigation and colour contrast between text and background.

We are incorporating Accessibility Testing which will ensure the application can provide equal access and opportunity to people with disabilities.

Barrier free access to Triton’s digital services and information for clients, customers, vendors, and employees

Employment and Training


All Triton employees, applicants and contractors will proactively be notified of available accessible accommodation and will be provided with accessible formats or alternatives. This will also be done during the recruitment, assessment, and selection process as well as during the notification of success for the employee.

Specify that accommodation is available for applicants with disabilities in recruitment material and with regards to interviews and assessments 

As part of the onboarding process Triton employees will have the opportunity to discuss their disability either visible or invisible through the following:  Individual accommodation plans, return to work process, career development and redeployment and any individual emergency response planning and information.

All workstations have been built to accommodate people with disabilities, this can be modified according to the need of the individual’s disability. 

Actions and Outcomes

Triton employees with disabilities either visible or invisible will be able to fully participate in an inclusive and equitable way and will be provided with the necessary tools to do their job barrier free. We will maintain an accommodation process that is efficient, highly private and responsive.

Specify that accommodation is available for applicants with disabilities in all recruitment postings and interviews.

When making offers of employment Triton will ensure that we notify successful applicants of policies for accommodating employees with disabilities

Consult employee to determine suitability of format or support.



Triton continues to work in identifying and removing accessibility barriers and creating an inclusive and equitable environment.  Triton is dedicated to achieving and/or exceeding the commitments as outlined in this Multi Year Accessibility Plan and will report annually on the progress of these commitments.


For general inquiries or to request an alternate format of this plan, please contact:

Chris Krutzmann
Vice President of Operations, Triton Inc
2235 Sheppard Ave East
Toronto, Ontario
M2J 5B5

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