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Social Media Background Checks

Triton provides the latest innovation in background checks being used by organizations across Canada. Quickly learn if an individual’s activity on social media aligns with your organization’s values.

Obtenez des vérifications des médias sociaux en ligne à l’aide de la plateforme sécurisée de Triton Canada. Meilleur prix au Canada.
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Build a Safer Workspace and Healthy Work Culture With Less Resources With Triton Social Media Background Checks

A social media background check is a legal and safe way to examine a candidate’s online behaviour to identify red flags that typically aren’t found using a traditional background check. A social media background check uses a candidate’s social media accounts to verify application accuracy, determine if they’re a good culture fit, learn about their reputation, and see if they’re qualified for employment.

A social media background check will provide deeper and more personal insight into who you’re hiring to ensure you mitigate any risks and build a safe and healthy workplace culture. Triton provides a social media background check compliant with government regulations. At the same time, its industry-leading turnaround times ensure you get the information you need on time while remaining cost-effective in your hiring process.

Learn more about how our secure social media background checks can help you build the team and work culture you want.

Triton Social Media Background Checks

We pioneered the way and are among the first to offer social media background checks. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a social media background check provider: coverage, accuracy, data sources, security, speed, accessibility and much more. We ensure you have access to all the information you need through the decision-making process.

Why Triton?

There’s a reason Triton is the vendor of record for the Ontario government and the most trusted provider of criminal record checks in Canada.

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Let’s Talk Security

Triton understands that sensitive information must be handled in the most secure way possible, and we’ve taken measures to implement the leading security and compliance protocols.

  • SOC2 Certification

    • We ensure that, as a service provider, we process and store client data in a highly secure manner.
    • Protect systems from malicious attacks, data loss, and other security events.
    • Principles: Security, privacy, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity.
  • GDPR Compliant

    • Ensures all personal data is collected in a secure and legal process, with proper consent from users. Protects personal data and the privacy of EU citizens.

Personal information in our possession is maintained to the highest global security standards in regularly audited SOC2-compliant databases in Canada and protected by safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Triton is also PCI-certified for the security of payments and transactions.

  • PCI DSS Certification

    • Helps protect people, processes, and technology across the payment ecosystem to help secure payments worldwide.
    • Principles: Card holder data protection, access control measures, secure network systems, encrypted data transmission.

    • Helps to protect the privacy rights of individuals and maintain their trust in organizations that collect and use their personal information.


Flags that will appear during a social media check include:

  • Hate speech
  • Threats of violence
  • Obscene language
  • Drug-related images
  • Political speech
  • Toxic language
  • Sexual impropriety
  • Explicit/racy images
  • Insults and bullying
  • Narcotics
  • Terrorism/extremism

Triton uses AI-powered screening tools to analyze posts and images. This is combined with human analysis of advanced machine learning to deliver an in-depth comprehensive report.

Our social media screening takes two business days. The report will be available in your Triton portal.

Triton is an excellent company to work with. They are very responsive and accommodating to all of our business needs. They will go out of their way to meet the customer’s requirements, including adapting their process for special requests.

Director of Procurement
Bell Canada
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Are you an individual looking for a criminal record check on yourself?

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