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One Simple, Centralized Place to Obtain All of Your Background Checks in Canada, Online.

We offer the most current and accurate online background checks at the most competitive pricing. Easy, same-day account set-up.

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When It Comes To Background Checks in Canada, We're Committed To Giving You The Most

MOST speed. MOST accurate. MOST secure. MOST accessible.

Organizations choose TRITON for their background checks in Canada because, simply put, we offer the most, making you most effective and efficient. We offer industry-leading turnaround times, a 93% eIV verification success rate, an in-house development team, and superior customer service seven days per week. We’re GDPR compliant and work to make it easy for you to do more in one place, increasing your agility and overall productivity when recruiting.

Our Background Checks

Don’t see the background check you’re looking for? Reach out to sales as we also offer a range of customized background checks, including international background checks.


Check an individual’s criminal record using the most current, secure, and accurate system online. Enhanced criminal record checks are also available for additional purview into an individual’s criminal history.


Verify an individual’s complete employment history, including where they’ve worked, length of tenure, job titles, responsibilities and any other information former employers are willing to provide.


Validate an individual’s education history, including degrees and certifications earned. We also offer professional designation verification that validates an individual’s professional credentials and qualifications.

Social Media

The hottest new report! We’ll review your candidate/applicant’s social media accounts and online presence for valuable information that may be relevant to considering them for a position.


Obtain your candidate’s TransUnion credit history report, including personal information, credit accounts, payment history, inquiries, collections, etc. We also offer TransUnion ID Reports that validate an individual’s ID.


We’ll contact the individual’s references directly to verify the nature and length of the relationship and to gather other information about their character, ethics, payment habits, etc.

Drivers Abstracts

Obtain an individual’s driver’s abstract to reveal their driving history. Information may vary by province or territory, but driver’s abstracts typically include personal information, status, convictions, demerits points, etc.

Exit Interviews

Gain valuable insights from departing employees about their experience working with for your company. Insights include: job satisfaction, relationships with peers/superiors, reasons for leaving, suggestions/feedback, and more.

ATS Integration

Did you know that Triton has an in-house development team? Depending on the project, we offer significantly reduced pricing for ATS integration. Sometimes, it’s complimentary (*conditions apply).

Save Time And Cost With Pre Employment Screening Bundles

When you bundle your pre employment screening verifications, background checks and reports, you become faster and more efficient due to an improved, consolidated process and reduced costs.


Specialized Solutions For The Staffing Industry

Be more competitive by offering your clients more through improved recruitment capabilities, achieved by centralizing your background checks with Canada’s most trusted and secure provider of background checks.

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Let’s Talk Security

Triton understands that sensitive information must be handled in the most secure way possible. We’ve taken measures to implement leading security and compliance protocols.

  • SOC2 Certification

    • As a service provider, we process and store client data in a highly secure manner.
    • We protect systems from malicious attacks, data loss, and other security events.
    • Our principles are security, privacy, availability, confidentiality, and processing integrity.
  • GDPR Compliant

    • Ensures all personal data is collected in a secure and legal process, with proper consent from users. Protects the personal data and privacy of EU citizens.

Personal information in our possession is maintained to the highest global security standards in regularly audited SOC2-compliant databases in Canada and protected by safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Triton is also PCI-certified for secure payments and transactions.

  • PCI DSS Certification

    • Helps protect the people, processes, and technology across payment ecosystem to help secure payments worldwide.
    • Principles: Card holder data protection, access control measures, secure network systems, and encrypted data transmission.

    • Helps protect the privacy rights of individuals and maintain their trust in organizations that collect and use their personal information.


Background checks help create a safer and more efficient environment for employees and help you provide your customers with better services.

To protect employees, volunteers, and assets, organizations need to ensure that individuals assigned to certain positions have no history of criminal behaviour relevant to their current role.

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Educators
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Trades
  • Security professionals
  • Information technology
  • Sales and marketing
  • Engineering
  • Research and development
  • Operations
  • Military
  • Legal
  • Drivers

Yes, you are obligated to share the results with the candidate if he or she requests them.

• Consent forms with signatures
• Photocopies of identification

Pre employment background screening can cover a wide variety of background checks, ranging from the well-known criminal background to employment screening and more.

An education background check helps ensure you’re hiring a highly qualified and well-trained candidate. Simply have your candidate fill out a one-page form with the required information and submit it to Triton.

In today’s global economy, a growing percentage of the workforce is internationally based. Triton provides International Education History Verifications for all of its background checks, including education, employment and reference checks.

Our checks use advanced algorithms to check a person’s identity and previous addresses against millions of credit records.

Eliminate frustration by using Triton’s reference check service. An experienced Triton representative will conduct a thorough interview to gain insight into a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Typical reference questions focus on dependability, honesty, judgment, character, strengths and areas for improvement.

At Triton, we understand that one size does not fit all. This is particularly true of reference checks. Depending on your industry and the positions within your company, you may wish to investigate or ask different questions to gauge everything from professionalism to safety in the workplace.

A Triton agent will ask you about the types of positions you hire for, which helps us formulate specific questions for the reference check process. We can also provide you with a number of questions (up to 20) that you can tailor to your liking. Alternatively, you can give us a complete set of questions that you deem appropriate.

Once we determine the questions, we load them into the Triton Advantage platform. Every time you request a reference background check, we’ll use those questions to conduct your specific check and will upload the results into your account within 24 to 48 hours.

Driving record abstracts will give you vital information about the person you’re hiring. Since your drivers are unsupervised, they put your company’s integrity in jeopardy every time they hit the road.

A proper background check, including a driving record abstract, helps mitigate this risk. Past behaviour can be a solid indicator of future behaviours. By knowing a person’s driving record, you can rest assured that you’ll have a smoothly running fleet.

Outside of background check services, we can run additional checks on terrorist watch lists, public safety records, tenant screenings and civil court searches to further enhance your security and pre employment screening process.

How long does it take to receive a criminal background check result? Our easy-to-use background check system makes the process smooth and efficient, allowing us to deliver results to you in under 15 minutes.

We source these reports from one of Canada’s leading credit bureaus, which checks millions of credit files and ensures you get the highest quality results.

An employment search will be recorded as a “soft touch” and is not used in calculating credit scores.

Fraud is not exclusive to the financial services industry. Your company has assets, customer lists, customer information, intellectual property and equipment. If any of this information was compromised or sold to fraudsters or your competition, how would you manage the fall-out?

Triton is an excellent company to work with. They are very responsive and accommodating to all of our business needs. They will go out of their way to meet the customer’s requirements, including adapting their process for special requests.

Director of Procurement
Bell Canada
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Are you an individual looking for a criminal record check on yourself?

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