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Canada's Most Trusted Provider of Background Checks

Triton provides the most widely accepted, accurate, fastest and secure method to obtain your criminal record check or social media check online within minutes.

Fast, Accurate and Secure. The Best Way to Get Your Background Check Online

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Record Check

Starting a new job or volunteering within your community? Many employers and organizations require a criminal record check. We can help.

  • Criminal record check results in 15 minutes or less.
  • Search of the RCMP’s Canadian Information Centre Database.
  • Your security and privacy are our top priority.


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Social Media

Background Check

Social media background checks are often used by employers to evaluate who you are based on your online behaviour. Now you can obtain your social media background check online.

  • Flags harmful content from various sources.
  • Content that may be flagged includes drug related images, hate speech and more.
  • Full report provided for your review.


Be Job Ready. You’ve Got This!

Be prepared, keep your skills sharp, and have an advantage over others in the job interview process. Triton is here to support you in showing future employers that you’re the top candidate.

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Access The Same Data Prospective Employers Will Access


Your criminal record check and/or social media check will be available online in less than 15 minutes.


Data comes directly from RCMP and law enforcement databases.


SOC2 Certified, PCI DSS Certified, Norton Secured, Privacy Trust, GDPR compliant and part of the PBSA.


Available 24/7 online. Android users can also download the app to access background checks on the go.

The Process To Obtain Your Background Check Online With Triton

Discover our seamless process in 5 Easy Steps.

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Select Your
Background Check

An image of an icon that represents step two in the process to obtain a background check, select a background check e.g. criminal record check.

Access Our
Secure Platform

An image representing step three in the process to obtain a background check, enter your information.

Your Details

An image of an icon representing step four in the process to obtain a background check, render payment.


An icon representing step five in the process to obtain a background check which is the final step, receive your background check.

Receive Background Check
To Your Inbox

Do you represent a company? Find out about Triton’s business solutions


We specialize in pre employment background checks, such as criminal record checks, credit checks, reference checks, education verifications, credential verifications and employment history verifications.

All information received in the background investigation process will be maintained by Triton in confidential, secured files, with restricted access to only those who have a need to know. Learn more about our privacy policy.

  • Acceptable Government ID
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Foreign Driver’s Licence
  • Passport
  • Indian Status Card
  • Citizenship Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Firearms Licence
  • Student Identity Card from a foreign institute
  • Age of Majority/Liquor Board
  • Canadian National Institute for the Blind
  • Identification Card
  • Military Identification Card
  • Secondary ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Notice of Assessment
  • Telephone Bill
  • Hydro Bill
  • Cable Bill
  • Lease
  • Gym Membership Card
  • Library Card
  • Employee Card

Electronic identity verification (eIV) allows us to verify your identification electronically by simply having you answer a few security questions related to your financial status. The process is so simple it can be done from any computer or mobile device – from the comfort of your own home!

I was able to obtain my criminal background check online with Triton while at my job interview. It was much faster and easier than I thought it would be. I highly recommend Triton for online background checks.

Jennifer Junnister
Ontario, Canada
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