You know your revenue is only as strong as your candidates and ability to place them. Whereas an HR professional may have a linear focus in terms of how they use their tools, your goals are different. Your volumes are different. And your team can repurpose their tools to not only vet candidates but also as a valuable marketing tool to find new business.

What makes you competitive? Why do companies hire you? The obvious answer is to quickly find, vet, and place high-quality candidates into their organization. Your reputation, let alone your business, is dependent upon your ability to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the workforce.

Your tools aren’t something to just be leveraged in the back office to ensure you’re doing a great job. They should be leveraged, and arguably exploited, so that companies know the extra mile you go to validate the information provided to you by candidates who they, in turn, might hire.

Your use of criminal background checks ensures that you bring forth safe and trustworthy candidates. A safe and healthy workplace for your clients begins with you.

Employment and education verification coupled with reference checks validates character, work experience, and credentials. This differs greatly from accepting your candidate’s documentation and calling their references-who likely know the candidate and are waiting for a call.

Credit checks tell financial clients that you have validated their candidate’s financial stability–especially as it relates to roles in finance. It can help prevent theft or other misuse of funds while providing and overarching snapshot of how potential candidates view responsibility.

Drivers’ abstracts prove that the drivers you bring forward are clean. Not only is this an important indicator of a candidate’s risk aversion (or lack thereof), but it is also important should that candidate be required to use a company vehicle belonging to your client.

Social media checks tell your clients that you are validating character, online habits, and behavior, ensuring that your candidates match your corporate culture. This type of check is imperative to determine the overall reputation of your candidate.

You can also use consistency in background check results to identify areas where you are finding higher quality candidates and increase your marketing efforts in those areas. This is a prime example of using background checks to your advantage.

Shout it out, shout it out loud! You should be doing these checks and making sure the marketplace knows it. Consistently vetting candidates and providing your clients reputable, qualified employees will help your business, and that of your clients, thrive.

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