Triton has expanded background checks for individuals, and now you can get your social media check online using Triton’s secure platform. We sat down with Rob Stewart, CRO at Triton, to gain insights on a new type of background check that’s becoming the norm with Canadian employers.

How long has Triton offered background checks to consumers?

Triton has offered background checks for over a decade. We’ve been a trailblazer, making background checks more accessible to individuals and businesses.

How has the background check landscape evolved during this time?

Technology and accessibility have been the most significant evolution we’ve seen.

Historically, the process of getting your background check has been largely manual. Even if you submitted the request online, a human still had to process it.

We made it our priority to be the first to leverage technology to expedite the process. You can now get your background check online in as quickly as 15 minutes.

With technology comes security, and that’s another way we’ve evolved. Security is at the forefront of every process that we digitize.

Technology and accessibility have resulted in better user experiences. That’s without doubt the most significant evolution we’ve seen.

What prompted Triton to expand its background check offering to consumers?

Organizations validate candidate information – that’s a fact. Demand for convenience has increased. We’re working hard to level the playing field so that individuals can access the same information as employers, be open to opportunities, and be job-ready.

Why the decision to roll out Social Media Checks to consumers first?

Social media checks have become commonplace in organizations. Market demand is so substantial that we realized we needed to make background checks available to individuals as quickly as possible.

Consumers need to have the opportunity to see what employers see to ensure that their social media check reflects their current self, not their past, such as during college years.

If employers want to know, consumers need to know. People have grown up online and have yet to learn their social media footprint. This check allows consumers to speak to what’s online or fix it.

What other Triton innovations do you see on the horizon for individuals?

There’s a lot to look forward to from Triton in 2024! We’re looking to add the ability for consumers to pull Driving Record abstracts from our platform. We’ve already rolled out enhanced support, and towards the end of the year, we’ll launch AI support.

We hope you’ve appreciated these insights. If you’re interested in more information about background checks for individuals, please visit