When you think about the best places to work in Canada, you’re likely thinking about places that present the most opportunity. However, a brief online investigation suggests that Canadian cities ranked as the best places to work and live might not necessarily have the lowest unemployment rates or the most economical cost of living.

The Daily Hive recently reported on a study that looks at the top cities globally in terms of job opportunities. The two Canadian cities on the list are Toronto and Vancouver.

Another study looked at the top 100 cities globally to live and work. This time, five Canadian cities ranked: Toronto (23), Vancouver (50), Montreal (60), Ottawa (90), Calgary (93).

It’s interesting that these studies hone in on liveability, economic development, growth infrastructure and prosperity. But does that necessarily mean these cities have more employment opportunities? Are they actually the best cities to work in Canada?

To answer this question, let’s drill down and look at Canadian cities with the lowest unemployment rates. Interestingly, some of the largest urban cities ranking on these reports have the highest unemployment rates.

Next, let’s look at unemployment rates ranging from 3-8% and keep in our list only those cities with unemployment rates of 4.5% or less.

It turns out that Belleville (ON), Peterborough (ON), Brantford (ON), Thunder Bay (ON), Abbotsford (BC), Victoria (BC), Regina (SK) and Gatineau (ON) have the lowest number of people without work. Most of the cities with lower unemployment rates are in Ontario and all except two are outside large urban centres.

Belleville, Peterborough and Thunder Bay are interesting. They’re far enough from urban centres to allow for a lower cost of living, yet they also provide increased employment opportunities.

So, who’s hiring in these cities?

Manufacturing, technology, and agriculture seem to be a common thread among cities with the lowest unemployment. They could be opportunities ripe for the picking.

Canada continues to be an attractive place to live and work. Hopefully this blog has helped you identify cities you may not have considered as the ideal place to start your next chapter.

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