40% of hiring managers spend less than 1 minute reviewing a resume.


This means that you really have to make that minute count.


While there are a number of resume fonts, styles, and templates that you can choose from, there are a few basic things you need to keep in mind …


… and we’ve listed these out for you!


I. It’s better to keep your resume brief


Hiring managers have a huge volume of resumes to go through, so if your resume is longer than a page (or a maximum of two pages), chances are that they might not even get through the whole thing!


When your resume is short and to-the-point, the hiring manager can skim through it quickly and be able to see the most relevant information easily.


Also, you get brownie points for readability. Using a clean, simple font that is easily readable can elevate your resume.


II. Only keep relevant information


It is possible to have a lot of work experience and a number of certifications. However, when you’re building your resume, it’s important to really think about whether all of that is relevant for the role you’re applying to.


For instance, if you’ve had a teaching assistant role in college and are applying for an operations manager role after 15 years, it’s probably not the most relevant job experience to have on your resume.


Remember focusing on key information and skills means that the hiring manager can easily identify them.


III. It’s okay to brag a little


Resumes are your first interaction with a company. They  give you an opportunity to highlight your achievements, awards, and successful projects. If you’ve worked with leading clients at an agency, you can share their names. Similarly, if you’ve represented your organization at a prestigious conference, mention it!


Though, just make sure that you’re not misrepresenting facts.


IV. Proofread (and do it again)


Spelling errors and grammar mistakes are a big negative. Make sure you’ve read the resume thoroughly before you submit it to the hiring manager. It’s always helpful to get inputs from family members, friends or old colleagues to get constructive feedback.


V. PDF it!


PDF it and you’re good to go!


Sending your resume as PDF eliminates any chance that the styling, format, or font you have selected appears differently on the hiring manager’s computer (as they may be using a different operating system or version of word document).


At Triton, we are committed to supporting individuals and companies during the hiring process. We wish you the best of luck in your job search and if you’re applying for a job that requires an online RCMP record check, we are here to help you obtain it in a hassle-free manner.


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