Can Background Checks Really Protect Your Company’s Reputation?

May 03 2021

A company’s reputation is more valuable than any tangible asset and it takes years to build.


Though, ‘bad hires’ can negatively impact it within a matter of days.


According to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey, the average cost of a bad hire was nearly $15,000.


… and this cost is just the cost of advertising the job, facilitating the hiring process, onboarding the employee, and their salary during the probation period.


The qualitative costs are much higher and a lot harder to calculate.


Background checks prevent you from bringing these bad hires on-board. They identify the red flags so that your company can avoid potential issues.


How exactly can bad hires impact your company’s reputation?


Let’s take a closer look.


Workplace Violence


Workplace violence not only affects the physical and mental wellbeing of other employees but also affects your company’s image.


Bad hires can use offensive language or even assault another colleague. In this case, you not only have to deal with legal consequences but you can have a situation on hand where the employee morale falls.


This can be avoided by performing criminal record checks. If an individual has committed violent acts in the past, you can be aware of that before making a hiring decision.


Improper Social Media Usage


If your employee uses social media to propagate biases, ridicule customers, or even make inappropriate comments, this can be harmful to your organization’s reputation. Especially today when sharing something is as easy as one click.


Social media background checks can give you better insight into a candidate’s personality. How people post on social media or conduct themselves on public platforms is often reflective of key aspects of their character and demeanour.




Bad hires can be terminated but they may leave your organization with thousands of dollars in lost customer revenue, potential lawsuits, and negative reviews on websites like Glassdoor.


Impact on Company Culture


The strongest company cultures are where there is trust and a sense of community. Bad hires can negatively impact this by weakening trust, impacting productivity, creating issues within teams, and more.


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