Is finding cheap apartment rentals in Toronto an impossible task? People looking to live in urban centres in Canada like Toronto face unique challenges as it relates to looking for work and housing. This is because Toronto has one of the most competitive job markets globally and has faced historic challenges that have driven up the cost of rent.

If you want to live and/or work in Toronto (whether looking for an apartment or job) you must be prepared to sell yourself as an applicant and point out why you are the right choice. This is especially true in a digital world where interviews, viewing and even decisions are made digitally.

What do both landlords and employers want to know about you?

1.  That you reflect the culture in their organization/building/location/facility

2.  That you are financially responsible

3.  That you are safe

How will they validate this?

Some may work with background check providers, while others may make decisions based on how you present yourself. Some may decide solely on the documentation you provide. The best way to establish that you are a safe and responsible person who is a suitable candidate for tenancy and/or employment is to prove it.

If you want to be the most competitive, you must prepare and have a package ready for each opportunity that you apply for.

What types of background checks and documentation can you include in your package.

1.  Social Media Background Check: You can get this online at This shows landlords and employers that your behaviour and online activities are consistent with what they are looking for in an applicant. Make no mistake. Without this they will likely check you out on social media anyway, so this gives you an opportunity to provide them with a report validating that you are an excellent choice.

Alternatively, this can reveal something problematic from a past post, comment, share, like tag etc. and provide you a vital opportunity to correct things you may have forgotten about or that no longer reflect your values. Do this before your social media history impacts your ability to get a job or rent an apartment.

2.  Employment Letter: It is one thing to list current and past employers on a resume, it is another to attach a glowing job letter based on their experience with you. Always ask current and past employers for job letters when considering renting an apartment or looking for a new job opportunity.

3.  Reference Letters: Many applicants will provide references but, like job references, personal and other professional references go further when the reference puts pen to paper or, in today’s world, finger to keyboard.

4.  Criminal Background Check: This is another particularly important background check you can get at This is especially important to validate that you are not a public safety risk.

5.  Credit Check: Providing your credit check gives instant evidence of your payment habits.

Whether looking for a cheap apartment in Toronto or even a job, having the above ready shows the person reviewing your application that you are a solid applicant. When the competition is stiff, this is what sets you apart from the crowd.

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