Traditionally, criminal record checks in Canada have required that the individual go to the police station and wait for their results. Background check companies like Triton Canada created agreements with different police agencies to digitize this process. However, while many make an online application available to you, behind the scenes, many of these companies continue to have a largely manual process—some even charging premiums for faster service and turnaround times.

Even if the service you are considering for criminal record checks offers them online, there are some key factors you should be looking for in a background checks provider.


A criminal record check provider in Canada should be pulling their data directly from law enforcement agencies like the RCMP, as one example. This is a crucial factor as it relates to the accuracy of the data you will be relying on. It is important to ask your criminal background checks provider where they get their data from and how current it is.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time is also important. Your criminal background checks provider should be able to deliver the criminal record check to you in fifteen minutes or less.


It is important to ask your criminal background check provider if pricing will change according to turnaround times. Many providers of criminal background checks charge a premium for faster turnarounds. Triton does not—all our reports are delivered in fifteen minutes. However, this is an important question for a potential criminal background checks provider.


The security of the data you are providing is especially important. Ask the background check provider what measures they have in place to secure your data.


You should be able to access the data online at any time.


In the event you work with a larger organization, transitional cost and burden is likely a key consideration when considering changing your background check provider. In this case, you should inquire whether the new provider can handle the workload related to the transition and if they are willing to waive any associated transitional costs.

Online criminal background checks help you make faster, more informed hiring decisions and the ease with which you can do this will depend on the partner you choose.

We hope that you have found this article useful. If you are considering making criminal background checks a part of your workflow or changing criminal background check providers, please visit to see just how easy the transition can be.