The three primary types of criminal record checks that companies and organizations in Canada rely on are:

Level 1: Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC)

This type of criminal record check includes a summary of criminal convictions, including findings of guilt under the Youth Justice Act within the designated disclosure period.

This is the most common type of criminal record check requested by individuals looking to work or volunteer. But there’s a caveat – this check doesn’t apply to roles that involve working with children or vulnerable adults.

Caregivers, teachers, healthcare workers and others who work with children and vulnerable adults need a more enhanced criminal record check called a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVS), which we’ll discuss later in this blog.

Level 2: Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC)

This type of criminal record check includes the same information as the PCRC, as well as a search of outstanding entries, charges, warrants, judicial orders, peace bonds, probation, probation orders, and absolute and conditional discharges. While less commonly requested, it may be to your advantage to get a CRJMC if you’re applying to places that will put you in a significant position of trust.

Level 3: Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVS)

The PVS is required for jobs that involve working with children or vulnerable adults. A vulnerable person is defined as someone who is, because of disability, age or other circumstances, dependent on others or at a greater risk of being harmed by person(s) in positions of authority or trust.

The PVS includes all the information contained in the CRJMC plus charges that resulted in a finding of not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder and pardoned offences authorized under the Criminal Records Act. Non-conviction information is authorized through Exceptional Disclosure.

This is a very specific type of check that can’t be obtained online and can only be provided by your local police station.

If you’re not going to be working in the vulnerable sector, your best bet is to obtain a Level 1: Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC). A PCRC can be obtained quickly and cost-effectively through Triton online.

The process is simple. Input the required personal information, proceed to payment, and your criminal record check will be available in less than 15 minutes. You can bring your report with you to job interviews and demonstrate to employers that you’re a trustworthy individual.

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