It is common nowadays for an employer to request an RCMP background check as part of the application process. In Toronto, for instance, over 60 per cent of employers require an RCMP background check from all employees.

If you’re a job seeker who is unfamiliar with the RCMP background check process you may feel like you need to wait and see what your potential employer has to say. However, here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to take the initiative to get your own RCMP background check.

My Record Is Clear. Why Do I Need an RCMP Background Check?

You know your record is clear, but a potential employer may not take you at your word. An RCMP background check proves you don’t have any past convictions relevant to the job’s duties.

Further, a new employer needs to ensure your information is up to date. That’s why applicants are often asked to repeat the process for a new position even if they’ve already completed a background check within the past months, weeks, or even days.

What if the Employer Doesn’t Request an RCMP Background Check?

If an employer doesn’t request an RCMP background check, it’s still a good idea to complete one yourself because it will demonstrate that you take the position seriously, that you’re transparent, and that you have initiative.

What if the Employer Runs Their Own RCMP Background Check?

Many employers have their own in-house background check procedure. But, in addition to the points mentioned previously, by completing one yourself you’ll see what the employer sees, so there’s no ambiguity.

This is especially true if you use a third-party provider like Triton. Because we follow RCMP guidelines, our process is the most authoritative on the market.

Need Your RCMP Background Check Fast?

Here at Triton, our top priority is getting your RCMP background check processed as quickly and securely as possible. Following our user-friendly process, you will get your results via email within just 15 minutes.

Simply enter your details, pay using our secure methods, and you’ll have your results in minutes. It’s really that easy! And because we follow RCMP guidelines, you can be confident your information is safe.

Download our app or visit our website to get your RCMP background check today.