Despite increased demand, high prices, and record levels of production, there have been consistent energy and utilities industry challenges when it comes to recruitment. Mark Scholz, President and CEO of the Canadian Association, estimates the industry could add another 30 rigs to the market, which would bring approximately 6,000 new jobs, but there isn’t enough labour available.

What’s causing these labour shortages in the energy and utilities industry and what are some solutions?

Energy and Utilities Industry Challenges

Canada’s energy and utilities industry is currently being squeezed by both short-term and long-term labour crunches.

Globally, experts estimate 40 per cent of energy workers lost their job due to the recent pandemic. Moreover, many people working in the sector either commute from different parts of Canada for turnarounds or are from foreign countries. Rehiring almost half of your workforce is already a challenge and only becomes more difficult when they must travel away from their homes and families.

Before the pandemic, though, there were lingering energy and utilities industry challenges following 2014 when oil prices plummeted. Many employers had to cut jobs at the time, and a substantial portion of workers in the industry decided to retrain and left the industry for good.

How can the energy and utilities industry meet these challenges?

Recruitment Solutions for Energy and Utilities Industry Challenges

For starters, to slow skills attrition, companies in the sector can develop formal knowledge transfer programs between established and newer workers. With an estimated 43 per cent of workers planning on leaving the industry in the next five years, it’s vital all that experience doesn’t go to waste.

The energy and utilities industry must also improve diversity and inclusion. Nearly a third of workers in the industry say they’ve experienced workplace discrimination. This reputation is driving away potential candidates, which the industry sorely needs.

High wages and benefits will only go so far when attracting the next generation of labour. Energy and utilities companies will need to think outside the box to fill job vacancies.

Streamline Your Onboarding Process

An efficient onboarding process can also remedy many energy and utilities industry challenges.

Demand for skilled applicants is tight, and a slow hiring process risks losing promising candidates to your competition. Triton offers safe and secure background check solutions with industry-leading turnaround times.

For instance, many workers in the energy and utilities industry operate heavy-duty vehicles, so employers must ensure they’re hiring safe drivers. We can provide you with driver’s abstracts quickly, so you can get qualified staff out into the field fast.

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