When an employee decides to leave a company, it’s essential to understand why. Conducting exit interviews can provide valuable feedback to an organization. More and more companies have started outsourcing their exit interviews and there are definite reasons why.

Using a third-party provider for exit interviews can help alleviate bias. For example, an in-house interviewer may be too invested in the company to conduct an objective interview. This can lead to biased feedback and ultimately not give the company the necessary information to improve. A third-party provider, can provide an unbiased and neutral voice, enabling employees to speak freely and provide honest feedback.

Moreover, a third-party provider can help mitigate legal risks associated with exit interviews. Lawsuits stemming from exit interviews can cost companies exponentially. By outsourcing to a third-party provider, companies can reduce their liability exposure and provide extra protection.

One study found that 75% of employees left their jobs because of their managers. However, due to power dynamics, in-house exit interviews conducted by the manager’s superiors may not provide reliable feedback. A third-party provider can offer an objective assessment that employees may be more comfortable sharing feedback with.

Using a third party to perform your exit interviews also makes your HR team faster, more agile, consistent, and efficient because timelines are not impacted by internal workloads, and many third-party providers of exit interviews provide SLA’s.

Furthermore, third-party exit interviews can help companies identify trends and improve their retention efforts. By analyzing feedback from multiple exit interviews, companies can identify patterns and take action to address the issues raised. This proactive approach can help reduce employee turnover and improve employee satisfaction.

In conclusion, using a third-party provider for exit interviews can benefit businesses immensely. Outsourcing exit interviews allows companies to obtain unbiased feedback, mitigate legal risks, and identify trends to improve retention. If you’re looking to get a truly accurate picture and representation of a company’s culture, then using a third-party provider for exit interviews is a must.