Being socially conscious is important – not just for individuals but also for businesses.


Many Canadian companies have realized that as they scale and grow they need to focus on social responsibility.


In today’s global economy, being socially conscious helps organizations gain respect from other cultures and their workforce alike.


Research has also shown that corporate social responsibility matters to Canadians. Randstad, a globally recognized provider of HR services, conducted a survey that highlights:


-77% of Canadians want to work for a company that has a strong CSR policy;

-55% of Canadians value companies that participate in charitable and philanthropic initiatives;

-And 65% of Canadians believe that taking part in unpaid volunteer work is important.


This is why Canadian businesses are now opting to make a conscious effort when it comes to social responsibility.


A survey from Mercer Canada, published on Benefits Canada, shows how companies are launching social initiatives in a global climate where there is a pandemic, economic disparity, and racial injustice.


In fact, the survey shares that 65% of Canadian human resources leaders believe that their organization has either continued or stepped up the pace of their environmental, social and governance initiatives.


So, how can human resource managers play a critical role in ensuring that the company is socially responsible?

Here are some steps that can be taken:


I. Promote ‘Green Practices’

This is usually one of the easiest changes to make and one that has a significant impact on the environment. These practices help reduce waste and drive change by promoting both personal and corporate responsibility (as well as accountability).


These practices can include recycling materials, reducing energy consumption across the offices, encouraging the use of public transportation, and supporting remote work.


II. Encourage Community Engagement

Many people do not volunteer because they don’t have the bandwidth to do so. If a company puts programs in place that enable its employees to participate in community initiatives such as making charitable contributions or volunteering at the local food bank; it’s a win-win for everyone – the organization, the employees, and the society.


III. Create a Culture That Embraces Corporate Responsibility

This is perhaps the most important. The human resources team is in the position to foster a culture that supports social responsibility and helps it thrive. This can be done by not only facilitating the current staff but also attracting and hiring the ‘right’ talent – individuals who are socially conscious.


This is where Triton can help. We are committed to helping you streamline your recruitment process and hire individuals who are the right professional and cultural fit.


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