A job in health care provides an opportunity for a long-term and rewarding career. In Canada, these positions are coveted as they often are covered under unions that protect employees and so they provide even more job security.

Health care is an industry that has embraced the idea of mandatory vaccination policies, which has led many to suspend and terminate staff members who refuse to get vaccinated. In addition, Canada is an aging population and many industries saw employees retiring early throughout the pandemic. If you are interested in a job in health care, this has created opportunity for you because it may be easier to land that coveted position that you may have tried to apply for in earlier years but didn’t get because the space was too competitive.

So, what are health care employers looking for in perspective candidates?

Teamwork is key. A recent article by HRH Global Research Center discusses the importance of teamwork in the medical industry for three key reasons:

1.As Canada is an aging population, medical conditions have become more complex and often patients are facing multiple medical issues. A team dynamic helps better manage this and facilitates an environment for cross-training and learning.

2.Teams that work well together also reduce medical errors and increase patient safety.

3.A well-functioning team also helps patients, and their families, navigate medical issues and decisions with more comfort.

If you want to work in the health care industry, projecting that you are confident, work well in a team dynamic, and can work in a fast-paced, high-stress environment is a major plus.

Be knowledgeable about where you want to work. In the medical field, often clinics and hospitals have their core values, what they stand for, and may be known for a specialized field of medicine. Check out the prospective employer’s website and tailor your resume and interview to hit on key points that will help them know that you fit in with their culture.

Be prepared. Be ready to provide things like:

-Any licensing or certification.

-Proof of good standing with your regulator if you are a regulated health care professional.

-Evidence that supports that you have finished the educational course of study – any accolades, recognitions, and/or accomplishments.

-Also, be prepared to write a skills assessment. Many health care employers will require this to assess your aptitude to work in their environment and to validate your skills.

-A criminal background check. This can be obtained online at tritoncanada.ca/online-police-checks/.

Fortunately, in the health care industry if you seem like a good fit, many will give you a chance, even if you are fresh out of school and don’t have the same on-the-job training as another candidate might. Most health care employers provide training so that your entry into their organization is as smooth as possible.

For more information about obtaining a criminal background check as part of preparing for a career in health care please visit www.tritoncanada.ca.