The past year has not been an easy one for people entering the labour force or looking for new job opportunities.


Although Canada lost 355,000 jobs in 2020 because of lockdowns and businesses slowing, they also added 418,500 jobs which helped cushion the decline in employment.


If you’re searching for your next career move, here are the best opportunities that currently exist in the Canadian job market.


Registered Nurse


Besides the fact that Canadian hospitals are overwhelmed by the pandemic, nurses are high in demand because of Canada’s aging population. According to Statistics Canada, 17.5% of Canada’s population is 65 years old and older.


As Canadians age, there is an increasing need for more healthcare which creates demand for nursing jobs.


Truck Driver


WorkBC predicts that the province could have about 13,336 truck drive job openings from 2019 to 2029.


Truck drivers are needed almost everywhere, such as the manufacturing industry, the automotive industry, the energy and utilities industry, retailers, and more.


With more than half of the trucking industry reaching the age of retirement, truck drivers are in demand to fill in the gap.


Business Management Consultant


Competition is fierce in the business landscape. Companies need to become more agile and productive to remain at the top of their game. Business management consultants help companies create value, improve performance, solve complex organizational problems, and maximize growth.


Software Engineer


Software engineering is one of the top technical careers in demand in the Canadian job market, mostly in the computer, telecommunications, and mobile technology sectors. Growth in the manufacturing sector for equipment and machinery could also fuel increasing demand for software engineer roles.




Like the need for registered nurses, Canada requires more pharmaceutical support as the population ages. Pharmacists are needed to fill the roles in retail stores that offer pharmacy services and clinics that need more support. Not only do pharmacists provide care, but they also play a critical role in patient education.


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