We cannot deny that Canadians are constantly searching for seasonal work. Staffing agencies are constantly looking to find the best candidates, and tackling last-minute challenges can cause workflow disruptions. Especially during busy times like seasonal retail hiring, finding the right people can be challenging. The worst scenario happens when the perfect candidate is in sight, but getting them onboarded becomes a hassle, and it’s something many staffing companies can relate to.

In reality, employers aren’t merely trying to fill a couple of spots. Rather, they need to fill hundreds, if not thousands, of positions across various sectors, from labour roles to in-store and customer service positions. Unfortunately, the use of outdated and traditional methods has made quick hiring anything but slow. Staffing companies require a more streamlined approach to address these issues.

Step 1: Agile Recruitment Through Online Systems

Although there are benefits to posting a “we’re hiring” sign on the storefront, it may not be the most effective way to recruit the best talents. If you’re running a staffing agency, you’ve got to think ahead and find the right people, not just those who happen to pass by the sign.

That’s where posting job openings on platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn can make all the difference. To increase the number of applications in the first few days, you can post job openings early in the week. Most applications occur on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, with just 15% submitted over the weekend, as reported by business.linkedin.com. Using this strategy will allow you to use the online social boards to reach a wider audience.

Step 2: Use Technology and Automation

In an urgent hiring situation, it’s smart to consider both the skills and experience of a candidate. Automation can save you time and effort by helping you find the best candidate based on your job requirements rather than going through each applicant’s resume or CV. Initially, you can use strategy to find candidates who are the best fit for your organization and have a similar experience that you’re looking for. After that, you can repeat this process across multiple job positions for different companies.

Step 3: Pre-Employment Solution, All in One Place

As a staffing company, it’s possible you’re hiring roles across various sectors like truck driving, food services, event management, retail, and more. This means you’re conducting a range of checks for each role and dealing with multiple reports and platforms. Luckily, with the Triton, you can conduct all the necessary checks, from criminal records to employment history, in one place and receive the reports straight into your account.

Use Triton to Simplify Your Hiring Process

Triton understands that you need a quick and easy way to hire potential candidates. With Triton, you can get accurate and secure results for a wide range of checks. Our automated background check integration offers industry-leading turnaround times and can be accessed online or integrated into your internal applicant tracking systems and HR software. For more information or to request background checks, visit www.tritoncanada.ca.