According to the Manitoba Labor Market report of 2022-2026, the job outlook looks promising. A total of 114,300 job openings will open during the 4-year period, and the most prospective areas will include Winnipeg, Southeast, Northcentral, and Southcentral Manitoba. One of the main reasons for its growth is Manitoba’s geographical advantage, which regularly attracts a lot of immigrants from all over the world.

Now more than ever, this situation also highlights the importance for HR leaders to prioritize criminal background checks. But it’s not just about prioritizing background checks—it’s about creating a system through which background checks can be done easily.

Why Criminal Background Checks Matter

Criminal background checks include seven years’ worth of employment history, educational background, and other important details. They provide a peek into an individual’s past and uncover any warning signs and red flags. The main reason employers prioritize this process is because they want to ensure the candidate under consideration meets their standards and doesn’t pose any risks to the organization.

If an employer is interested in moving forward with a specific candidate, they can ask to submit the background checks within a certain period. It’s the last but important step in the hiring process that provides an additional layer of assurance. The choice to hire someone or not may depend upon the results received.

Choosing the Right Checks

The type of check required may differ depending on the industry. Employers often ask for driving abstracts for positions involving driving responsibilities to ensure their capability behind the wheel. On the other hand, roles in retail, merchandising, food, and other industries may require criminal background checks and reference checks. In the case of finance-related positions, employers often ask for credit checks to ensure that the individual they’re considering has good money management skills.

Importance of Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks are more than just paperwork—they help guarantee that a candidate has a clean record. These checks are prioritized not only in Manitoba but also in many other parts of Canada. This is done to verify the person’s record with the RCMP and local police department, depending on their state.

Upgrade Your Hiring Practices with Triton

HR leaders often face delays in the background verification process, leading some to consider skipping it altogether. The time-consuming nature of these checks can take up to a week or even 15 days. Plus, the absence of a seamless process often leads HR leaders to delegate background check-related responsibilities to the candidates.

However, the Triton app allows you to tick all of the boxes. Our website and the new app now allow you to conduct employment and various checks easily and without prolonged waiting periods. Integration of background checks into your existing infrastructure can help you run checks on both new and current employees in record time. Triton ensures that background checks can easily integrate into your workflows and that you never have to skip a background check again.