March break is an important time for students and families. While some use this time for relaxation, many students enroll themselves in part-time positions to make some extra income and, side by side, earn some work experience. However, many job roles, especially those that involve the safety of others, often require criminal background checks. Some of those roles include:

1.  Camp Counselors and Supervisors

March break brings a demand for camp counsellors and supervisors. The majority of these positions call for people who can guarantee everyone’s responsibility and safety, regardless of age. CCUSA, Canada’s top summer camp and international work adventure organization, states that they require all camp counsellors to obtain a criminal background check as a condition in order to partake in any of their work and camp programs.

2.  Lifeguard/Swim Instructors

Whether it’s winter or summer, there is always a need for lifeguards and swim instructors. These positions often require individuals who can ensure the safety of swimmers and enforce pool rules. Having an idea of first aid is a plus in this job. Employers in aquatic facilities typically conduct criminal background checks before hiring an employee. The towns of Stouffville, Waterloo, and Whitby, among others, stress the value of vulnerable sectors or background checks in their hiring procedures.

3.  NGO Workers

March break is a great time to give back to the community. During this time, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) organize various social welfare programs. Employers in this area feel the need to run background checks on employees due to the delicate nature of the work. According to the Pardon Applications of Canada, background checks for NGOs are necessary to identify if the given individual can carry out the assigned task.

4.  Volunteer Positions in Community Organizations

A number of students prefer to volunteer during March break. Their task includes helping out with a variety of community-based projects and initiatives. However, to ensure the safety of the work, Public Safety Canada has issued some rules for both volunteer organizations and individuals. As a result, not all roles will require background screening, which can also depend on various factors and community practices. Before enrolling in a volunteer position, it is advisable to get background checks if you are volunteering in an area with various age groups and demographics. 

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