The Professional Background Screening Association indicates that 96.1% of employers surveyed perform some pre-employment background screening.


Background checks help employers in all industries gain an in-depth understanding of their hires, including their history, reputation, and qualifications.


In the increasingly tight labor market, good talent can be hard to find.


Having background checks can save your company time, resources, and money by making the right hiring choices the first time. You avoid risks, fraud, and the cost of rehiring so you can focus on your business and people.


However, the background screening process can be confusing, especially if you aren’t aware of what you can or can’t ask.


Here are some common mistakes to avoid when screening employees.


Failing to Gain an Applicant’s Consent for Screening


Employers need to inform candidates that they conduct employment screenings as a part of the hiring process and must receive explicit consent from the applicant to conduct background checks.


In Ontario, for example, the Police Record Checks Reform Act (PRCRA) states that for all checks performed under the PRCRA, consent must be provided to conduct a background check.


Screen Consistently


If you want to conduct background checks as a part of your hiring process, it’s important you screen all candidates, not just select a few of them. Otherwise, you might be missing information that you want to have.


To get the best results, you should screen all applicants in the same way so you can compare everyone equally to make the most informed choice.


Give Candidates a Chance


When you find something you don’t want to see on an applicant’s record, it’s easy to shut them down immediately.


You need to disclose your findings and give candidates a chance to defend themselves. They may have a valid explanation that will make you think twice about whether you want to say no to them.


You’re Not Conducting the Proper Background Checks


There are many different types of background checks out there that it can be difficult to determine which ones are relevant to your hiring needs. For example, you might be hiring a commercial driver and neglecting a driver’s abstract.


Knowing which employment screenings are available and important for you will help you get the accurate information you need to make informed hiring choices.


We want you to be successful in conducting background checks so you can succeed in your business. Triton provides a variety of background check solutions to find you the best candidates. Whether you know which checks you need or require support, we can help you avoid mistakes for an easier and safer hiring process.


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