As a new Canadian, you likely have attractive skills, qualifications, and experience. But you may still be struggling to find suitable jobs without an established professional network. For example, 44 per cent of internationally educated engineers in Ontario are underemployed.

To help, here are some tips for networking in Canada to land that career you’re chasing.

What to Do When Networking in Canada

Creating a profile on LinkedIn is an easy first step. Nearly twenty million Canadians use the online networking service to post their resumes. Recruiters also use the service to post job openings.

But, if you’re only using online job searches, you’re missing a lot of opportunities. Experts believe 85 per cent of jobs are filled through networking. And 70 per cent of positions aren’t published. LinkedIn estimates that 70 per cent of professionals hired in 2016 had a connection at the company.

But where are you supposed to start if you’re new to Canada?

Start with professional associations, which are groups of people working within a related industry. Members can join to discuss industry trends. For example, entering a professional engineering association will enable you to network with people in the field.

Check out the Professional Immigrant Network (PIN) to find an association in your profession.

Once you’ve joined an association, you can participate in events to meet like-minded professionals. If you connect with someone you feel can help, it’s good to follow up quickly by setting up a chat over coffee. A casual, one-on-one setting is an excellent way to ask questions you may have about breaking into the industry in Canada.

What Not to Do When Networking in Canada

You can’t be passive. As a newcomer, it may be intimidating trying to adjust to a new culture. But you can’t assume employers and other professionals will seek you out. You have to be proactive. If you haven’t been able to find success networking through professional associations, you can also try volunteering.

You also can’t assume employers will easily connect the dots between your qualifications and their job description. There are a lot of contextual subtleties between cultures. Things can be lost in translation even if you’re using correct grammar. Carefully research the job posting then edit your resume to show how your qualifications match the job description.

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